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Returning Starters Fighting To Regain Their Jobs As Practice Continues

Sept. 24, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – Tuesday and Wednesday are vital days in preparation for a game and if that is the case the Colorado offense should expect to see another stellar effort from the Seminole D. For the second straight day the Florida State defense looked impressive as four players returned to practice this week shedding their gold scout team jerseys and re-joining their teammates in white.



·          During pass rush Everette Brown led the way recording three sacks. Kendrick Stewart recorded two while Markus White and Justin Mincey also got to the QB. Ryan McMahon and Rodney Hudson both had multiple wins. Will Furlong, David Spurlock and Brandon Davis notched a win as well.

·          Darius McClure had a nice drill in 7-on-7 with two pass break-ups. Patrick Robinson had one as well. Dionte Allen had a big play with a strip on a pass completion. Christian Ponder completed passes to Preston Parker and Taiwan Easterling.

·          In 11-on-11 McClure broke up another pass and Toddrick Verdell had a QB pressure. Ponder hit Parker, Easterling and Greg Carr. D’Vontrey Richardson found Jermaine Thomas.

·          The offense was unable to score in the 1:00 drill. Ponder hit Carr and Parker but a sack by Verdell hurt the drive. It ended with Patrick Robinson breaking up a Hail Mary in the endzone.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening statement:

“We had a pretty good practice, the kids worked hard, tomorrow we’ll go out in shorts and polish up our game plan.”


On Ty Jones practicing

“He took his rotations at tailback. He still doesn’t look full speed to me, but at least he got all of his rotations.”


On needing to stick to the running game

“It’s good if you can, but sometimes the game doesn’t dictate that. We had so many first and 20’s and first and 25’s that if you make eight yards on a run and then you make another eight yards you still have 11 or 12 yards to go. I think if we would have had good field position you would have seen a lot more running and we do want to run more.”


RB Jermaine Thomas

On getting extended playing time

“I feel very happy now that I can contribute to the team. I’ve been looking forward to doing that since I got here. Whatever they wanted to do with me, if they wanted to redshirt me it really didn’t matter, but I’m happy and I’m going to go 100% every day because I do want to get out on the field and help my team.”


On being excited to play in Jacksonville and getting more playing time

“I am so excited because I get to play in front of my family and I’m going to have a huge section and I’m ready. I know way more than I used to know and I feel more comfortable out there so I am looking forward to it.”


Coach Odell Haggins

On getting his guys back

“It feels good, but that gave me quality time with the young guys working with them to get them better. It feels good, but these guys have to come out and play sound football, just because we’re getting them back doesn’t mean that they are going to jump back up. They have to go out and prove it in practice and games.”


On learning a lot about the new guys

“I’m a hard man to please, but the thing I’m excited about is the endurance of the young guys mentally. They did a good job, they didn’t do everything right, they didn’t play low all the time, they didn’t use their hands, but they fought. That’s the thing I liked, I’ve got some young fighters.”



Defensive End Neefy Moffett:

How do you feel about getting back on the field this week:

“I am just happy to be back with my team. I am ready to go execute and see what happens.”


If this will be a season opener even though the rest of the team has already been playing:

“Yes this is the season opener for me. I am going to try to turn the negative into a positive. Since we have a long stretch in November, I will be fresh.”


If he will help because he is fresh:

“Yes I think I will be able to help with experience and having the guys give more effort.”


Cornerback Tony Carter:

How pumped is he for the game:

“I am definitely ready and motivated. It is good to play in the stadium that you grew up near by. We are coming off a loss so we need a big win this week.”


Does it feel any different playing in Jacksonville:

“I always have family and friends come over since it is only about two hours away from Tallahassee, but now they will only have to wake up a couple hours before the game to watch. I have been getting a lot of grief from people not to let them down at home. I am excited about it though.”


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