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Road TO OKC – Vol. 3 – Florida State University

Road TO OKC – Vol. 3 – Florida State University


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Road TO OKC - Vol. 3

Hello again!!! I (Terese) am writing this week's blog because Kristie is busy studying for finals!

So this past weekend was our last weekend of fall games. Crazy how fast it flew by ... I still cannot believe that my SENIOR fall is over. Ahhhhh, it feels like I was just moving into my apartment with Carly Wynn my freshman year ... but anyways we played TCC and NWFSC at TCC on Saturday. Once again we had our challenges and during the first game we kicked butt! Our challenge went smoothly the first game, but the second game was a different story.

It all came down to the bottom of the 7th inning while we were on defense and Morgan Bullock, our freshman pitcher/utility player was on the mound. The other team had bases loaded with no outs and in order to win the challenge we had to get out of the inning without giving up any runs. Funny part was that Morgan didn't know that the challenge rested on the shoulders of her and the defense! The whole dugout was rooting for her and our defense to pull out the challenge win. Sure enough she got three outs without giving up a run. Needless to say she did a dang good job!

And a dang good job basically describes our fall in a nut shell. The team worked hard and improved in so many ways since the first day of practice. The returners kept the strong work ethic and heart from last year and all the newbies adjusted very well to college life and softball here at FSU. All the newbies fit in perfectly with the team! The fall was great for our team and now we are one step closer to our ultimate goal, OKC!!!

Keep reading and tune in next week for our coverage of the 3rd Annual "FSU Softball Tries to Play Soccer in the Turf Room."

It's going to be good!!!!

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