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Road To OKC – Vol. 5 – Florida State University

Road To OKC – Vol. 5 – Florida State University


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Road To OKC - Vol. 5



Terese here wishing everyone a belated Happy New Years!!!  So we're all back in Tallahassee and ready for action!!!  Everyone started classes on Wednesday the 6th, which we were all kind of bummed about, BUT what we were definitely not bummed about was the fact that we started our TEAM practice on Friday and absolutely killed it! I can already tell from our first couple of practices that this season is going to be awesome for the 'Noles so get excited because I know we all are!!!


So, we have a lot going on with the season right around the corner but I wanted to take a second and tell everyone a little something new that we're doing before our practices. Since we only have a certain number of practice days left before our opening game we want to get as much as we can out of our last few practices before the season starts up. So in order for us to truly realize our goals for this season Coach A came up with a little motivator. We have two separate buckets -- one labeled "number of days of practice left before season starts," the other one reading "days we can't get back."


Before each practice starts one person will take one ball and they will think of something inspirational or motivating or something that will pump the team up, to write on the ball. Along with the motivational words, the player will also write something that we want to accomplish as a TEAM during that practice. After they have written on the ball the player for that day will carry it with them during the whole practice. At the end of the practice the player will decide if we got everything out of that day's practice and, if so, they will put the ball into the "days we can't get back" bucket.


So far Carly, Tory and Stag have written on their practice balls and have definitely pumped up the team with what they have said. I feel that this new ritual we are doing before practice is going to help prepare us for this season ahead!


Our whole TEAM is so excited for the upcoming season and I am sure all of you are too! We have a lot of great things in store and in about 20 days we are going to start to dominate on the field!!! Thanks for reading this edition of "Road to OKC" and stay tuned for next week's cover of our team trip to Fun Station.


It's going to be good!!

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