September 20, 2005 - by
Rover Doesn’t Like Making The Same Mistake Twice

Sept. 20, 2005

Your Name:
Anthony Houllis


If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Boca Grande, Fla.

Favorite Tallahassee Restaurant:
Davis BBQ

Last movie you saw or rented:
Wedding Crashers

Biggest Fear:
Coach Mickey Andrews

Favorite television show:
The Best and Worst of Tred Barta

One thing that makes you angry
Making the same mistake twice

CD that is currently in your CD player:
Mixed country

What is under your bed?

Favorite class taken at FSU:
Macro economics

What makes you smile?
Spending time with my nephews, especially my two nephews, Christian and Michael

Your shoe size:

Favorite food:

What is the last thing you bought?
32 ounce bottle of Gatorade

One thing you could not live without:

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