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Saturday’s Florida State Football Practice Report

Sept. 30, 2006


· Florida State practiced 22 periods Saturday in full pads. It was a morning workout with the team in meetings by 8:15 am.

· The early part of the practice was spent working against the NC State scout teams.

· Skeleton highlights: Jamie Robinson and Roosevelt Lawson each picked off passes. Toddrick Verdell had a pass break-up. Drew Weatherford completed a deep out to Chris Davis and had another completion over the middle to Greg Carr.

· 11-on-11 highlights: Marcus Sims had a big TD run. The two biggest cheers from the on-lookers came on a Drew Weatherford block on a running play and Everett Brown’s tackle deep in the backfield blowing up another rushing attempt.

· Goal line highlights: Marcus Sims had two TD runs and neither was from shot yardage. Derrick Nicholson had a pass break-up on a pass intended for Caz Piurowski.

· Sunday’s practice will be 22 periods and is expected to start at 3:30 p.m.


Head Coach Bobby Bowden

(On Thursday’s practice)

“Sometimes when you have an open weekend, it’s the hardest time to get motivation out of everyone. But they picked it up a little bit today so that’s good. Nobody got hurt. (Shannon) Boatman is still out right now, I hope he’ll be ready by Thursday but he couldn’t practice today and of course Tony Carter is out.”

(On practicing on a Sunday, which FSU will do tomorrow)

“I don’t like to do it and I wish we didn’t have to tomorrow but with the Thursday night game it forces us to do it. We talked about whether or not to practice on Sunday and we decided it was something we had to do. We’ll still have time to go to church in the morning.”

Offensive Lineman Shannon Boatman

(On his injury suffered Thursday)

“They told me I sprained my LCL, so I’m going to find out for sure today. I think I’ll practice tomorrow, but I have to take it day-by-day now. I decided to rest today, I didn’t feel like I could go full-speed.”

Safety Roger Williams

(On facing NC State’s young quarterback)

“You have a young quarterback and you have me and Myron (Rolle) shifting around. Basically our idea is to try and confuse him. Another thing I think the biggest thing we need to do is blitz. That will be a big thing.

Tight End Brandon Warren

(On offensive preparations for NC State)

“It is going pretty good. We have been prepping pretty hard. We know that they are in a bind right now in the ACC. If they want a shot, they really have to win out. We are there in the same spot they are. It’s win or go home and we are practicing like it.”

(On playing on a Thursday night)

“It is exciting to play on a Thursday night but every game is exciting. Especially when you play at Florida State. We are approaching it like any other game.”

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