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Academic Awards

ACC Honor Roll
ACC Scholar Athlete Award
Academic All American
Weaver-James-Corrigan Post Graduate Scholarship
CFA Post Graduate Scholarship
NACDA John McLendon Minority
NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship
Golden Torch Winners
Scholar-Athlete of the Month


  • The Matthew Schmauch Leadership Award – Women’s Basketball
  • The Matthew Schmauch Academic Commitment Award – Football

    ACC Honor Roll


    ACC Scholar Athlete Award

  • 2001 Chris Weinke – Football
  • 2002 Chris Hope – Football

    Academic All American

  • 1957 Ron Schomburger – Football
  • 1970 Carl Gromek – Baseball
  • 1970 Greg Gromek – Baseball
  • 1970 Dick Nichols – Baseball
  • 1971 Greg Gromek – Baseball
  • 1972 Gary Huff – Football
  • 1975 Danny O’Brien – Baseball
  • 1979 Phil Williams – Football
  • 1979 Keith Jones – Football
  • 1980 Keith Jones – Football
  • 1981 Rohn Stark – Football
  • 1985 Martin Mayhew – Football
  • 1985 Wendy Markham – Women’s
  • 1989 Gar Finnvold – Baseball
  • 1989 Dave Roberts – Football
  • 1992 Sherry Cowling – Volleyball
  • 1993 Ken Alexander – Football
  • 1993 Derrick Brooks – Football
  • 1994 Derrick Brooks – Football
  • 1996 Daryl Bush – Football
  • 1997 Daryl Bush – Football
  • 1999 Matt Diaz – Baseball
  • 2000 Chris Hope – Football
  • 2001 Brandi Stuart – Softball
  • 2005 Natasha Jacob – Softball
  • 2005 Garrett Johnson – Track and Field
  • 2005 Tom Lancanshire – Track and Field

    Weaver-James-Corrigan Post Graduate Scholarship

  • 2000 Kia Asberg – Women’s Tennis
  • 2000 Aisha Thornton – Volleyball
  • 2001 Brooke Wyckoff – Women’s Basketball
  • 2001 Kristen Adams – Women’s Swimming
  • 2001 Louise Wright – Women’s Golf
  • 2002 Geary Bland – Men’s Track & Field
  • 2002 Alida Gallovits – Women’s Tennis
  • 2002 Eric Roman – Baseball
  • 2003 Brandi Stuart – Softball
  • 2003 Gary Visser – Men’s Track & Field
  • 2003 Matt Lynch – Baseball
  • 2004 Tonya Rasor – Women’s Swimming
  • 2004 Michael Paulus – Men’s Swimming
  • 2004 Anca Dumitrescu – Women’s Tennis
  • 2005 Mihaela Moldovan – Women’s Tennis
  • 2005 Jezali Ratliff – Soccer
  • 2005 Aaron Cheesman – Baseball

    CFA Post Graduate Scholarship

  • 1993 Ken Alexander
  • 1994 Derrick Brooks
  • 1995 Danny Kanell
  • 1997 Daryl Bush
  • 2000 Chris Weinke
  • 2001 Chris Hope

    NACDA John McLendon Minority Postgraduate Scholarship

  • 2002 Chris Hope – Football

    NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship

  • 1980 Phil Williams – Football
  • 1987 David Palmer – Football
  • 1990 Dave Roberts – Football
  • 1993 Ken Alexander – Football
  • 1994 Derrick Brooks – Football
  • 1995 Danny Kanell – Football
  • 1997 Daryl Bush – Football
  • 2000 Chris Weinke – Football
  • 2000 Kevin Flanagan – Men’s Swimming

    Golden Torch Winners

    YearMen’s TeamWomen’s TeamMen’s IndividualWomen’s Individual
    1991Men’s TennisWomen’s Golf
    1992Men’s TennisWomen’s Tennis
    1993Men’s TennisWomen’s GolfPatrick Filipsson (Men’s Tennis)Amy Hanby (Women’s Tennis)
    1994Men’s SwimmingWomen’s GolfJose Gutierrez (Men’s Swimming)Casey Custer (Women’s Track & Field)
    1995Men’s Cross CountryWomen’s SwimmingLee Fictum (Men’s Cross Country)
    Marc Anderson (Men’s Track & Field)
    Kristen Campbell (Women’s Swimming)
    Megan Lenker (Women’s Track & Field)
    1996Men’s Cross CountryVolleyballLee Fictum (Men’s Cross Country)
    Daryl Bush (Football)
    Megan Lenker (Women’s Track & Field)
    1997Men’s GolfWomen’s TennisLee Fictum (Men’s Cross Country)
    Reid Montini(Men’s Cross Country)
    Cory Frank (Men’s Cross Country)
    Corey Geraghty (Men’s Swimming)
    Megan Lenker (Women’s Track & Field)
    1998Men’s TennisWomen’s TennisLee Fictum (Men’s Cross Country)
    Cory Frank (Men’s Cross Country)
    Daryl Bush (Football)
    Ashley Halter (Soccer)
    1999Men’s Track & FieldWomen’s TennisKevin Flanagan(Men’s Swimming)Kerry Miano (Women’s Track & Field)
    2000Men’s Cross CountryWomen’s TennisJonathan Kaplan(Men’s Swimming)Alison Weber (Women’s Tennis)
    Kerry Miano (Women’s Track & Field)
    Kia Asberg (Women’s Tennis)
    Alida Gallovits (Women’s Tennis)
    2001Men’s Cross CountryWomen’s TennisRyan Lowery(Men’s Basketball)
    Shawn Patterson (Men’s Cross Country)
    Gary Visser(Men’s Track & Field)
    Louise Wright (Women’s Golf)
    Margaret Colley (Women’s Swimming)
    Alida Gallovits (Women’s Tennis)
    Karen Rademeyer (Women’s Track & Field)
    2002Men’s Cross CountryWomen’s TennisRyan Lowery(Men’s Basketball)Margaret Colley (Women’s Swimming)
    2003Men’s GolfWomen’s TennisShawn Patterson (Men’s Cross Country)Margaret Colley (Women’s Swimming)
    Jennifer Garcia (Soccer)
    Mihaela Moldovan (Women’s Tennis)
    Erin Preston (Soccer)
    Tonya Rasor (Women’s Swimming)
    2004Men’s TennisWomen’s TennisMichael Averett(Men’s Swimming)Tonya Rasor (Women’s Swimming)

    Scholar-Athlete of the Month
    The Scholar Athlete of the Month is awarded by each academic advisor and is designed to recognize the Student-Athlete who has shown great improvement through academics while participating in their particular sport. It is not always given to the one with the highest GPA but to the one who has given a 100% in the classroom, along with attending Tutorial Sessions and Study Hall.


    Matt Schmauch

    The Florida State Athletics Department lost a dear member of its Seminole family on June 13, 2003. Matt Schmauch, 29, an Assistant Director for the Athletic Academic Support Program at Florida State, died from anaphylaxis due to an allergic reaction to nuts while representing FSU at the N4A convention in St. Louis, Mo.

    A native of Allen Park, Mich., Schmauch had been a valuable member of the athletic academic support staff since 1996. A glowing role model in the classroom, Schmauch earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Florida State in 1995 and went on to receive a master’s degree in athletic administration from FSU in 1996.

    The Matthew Schmauch Leadership Award
    In 2003-04, the Florida State women’s basketball program created a special award in honor of Schmauch. His influence went beyond the classroom. He was an ambassador, a mentor, a friend, a big brother, a fan — truly a shining example of where hard work and determination can take you. This award, established in his memory, is given annually to the women’s basketball player who exemplifies these characteristics of leadership.

    2003-04……………………………………………..Lauren Bradley
    2004-05……………………………………………..Linnea Liljestrand

    The Matthew Schmauch Academic Commitment Award
    This award has been established by the Florida State football program in honor and memory of former Academic Support Assistant Director Matt Schmauch and will be given annually to a deserving football student-athlete. “We will look for the student-athlete who best represents the things that Matt represented,” Director Mark Meleney said. “This is not an award that will go to the highest GPA. We want to honor the person who is accountable and responsible in the classroom and who is working every day to be a better student.”

    2003-04……………………………………………..Eric Moore
    2004-05……………………………………………..Willie Jones, Jr.

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