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Student Services and Academic Support

Athletic Academic Support Mission Statement

The primary focus of the Athletic Academic Support Program is
to provide an environment which facilitates the academic
success of each student athlete. Student success is
encouraged through competent academic counseling, study
skills development, individualized assessment and support, and
a wide array of tutorial services.

An Overview of an Award-Winning Academic
Support Program

Academic, personal, and professional support are essential to
college success. At The Florida State University, we have
developed an outstanding support program which enables
student athletes to reach their full potential.

Director, Mark Meleney states “Our philosophy is to offer an
academic support program integrated with the total University
that will assist all student athletes with the transition into
college and provide continued support in all phases of
academic and professional development, culminating with
graduation, job placement, or graduate school”.

Our program operates on a “proactive” rather than “reactive”
approach. Our academic staff does not wait for crises to
occur. We gather important background information on each
entering student athlete, build an academic profile, and develop
individualized support programs which are tailored to the
unique needs of each student athlete. We also stay informed
on the daily progress of the student athletes through
consistent communication with our faculty.

The academic support unit is housed in the $126 million dollar,
state-of-the-art University Center Complex. It includes private
study carrels, a tutorial study area, and a computer lab
outfitted with 20 IBM compatible computers and 2 laser jet
printers. In addition, the athletic sky boxes are used for group
and individualized tutorial instruction. The academic support
staff is comprised of the following:



Mark P. Meleney


Patti Griffith

Administrative Assistant to the Director

Amy White

Assistant Director for Program & Staff Development

Academic Counselor – Baseball, Golf, Soccer, Volleyball

Kevin White

Assistant Director for Educational Services

Academic Counselor – Men’s Basketball, Tennis

Magdi El Shahawy

Academic Counselor – Football

Aundrea Lyons

Academic Counselor – Cross Country, Track & Field

Matt Schmauch

Academic Counselor – Women’s Basketball, Softball,
Swimming & Diving

In addition, the academic support staff has several graduate
assistants, individualized learning specialists, and a large pool
of tutors and mentors.

Mark Meleney was named the program’s Director in 1997 and
brings 12 years of advising experience to the position. Over
the past six years, Meleney has played an integral role in the
development of a comprehensive program of student athlete
support, which in 1996 won the “Program of Excellence”
award from Athletic Management Magazine and in 1998, The “Program
of Excellence Award” from the NCAA.

Academic Support Tutorial Program

The Athletic Department at Florida State University has made
a commitment to providing our student athletes with one of
the finest and most comprehensive tutorial programs in the
nation. The tutorial program is just one of several key support
services that is available to all student athletes as they
progress towards their ultimate goal of obtaining a college
degree. We hire tutors from a
variety of academic departments, who are committed to
providing a proactive, individualized approach in assisting
student athletes with course comprehension and study skills.
The tutors are usually seniors or graduate level students who
have outstanding academic backgrounds. Tutorial assistance is
available for all academic coursework and may be obtained by
filling out a tutorial request form at the beginning of the
semester, or as needed.

Mentor Program

Academic Mentors are academic role models who have
demonstrated the ability to teach and give guidance in areas of
academic developmental skills. Each semester, mentors begin
the process by sitting down with their assigned student
athletes and assist them in identifying all of their academic
responsibilities for that semester. A calendar is developed
which becomes a visual blueprint of each course’s academic
requirements. This tool introduces the student athlete to the
concept of time management. Students learn to plan projects
days and weeks in advance. Such planning aids them in
developing strong study and organizational habits.

Mentors are also responsible for providing assistance in the
development of skills such as note taking, test preparation,
and communication with faculty. In essence, mentors become
an extension of the academic counselor as they keep the
academic performance of their student athletes under close
observation and report to the academic counselors each

Study Hall

In an effort to help ensure the academic success of the
student athletes, professionally supervised study sessions for
each athletic team are organized. The main focus of the study
hall program is to help students develop consistent and
appropriate study patterns by providing a structured setting to
work on class assignments and to provide tutorial assistance
before academic problems arise. Although the criteria for study
hall is left to the discretion of each academic counselor,
typically most freshmen, first year transfers, and upperclassmen who have not yet achieved a satisfactory
cumulative grade point average are asked to attend study hall.

Academic Honors & Awards

Florida State University student athletes have achieved great
success in obtaining recognition for academic excellence. More
than $130,000 in postgraduate monies have been granted to
FSU’s student athletes over the past five years, as well as a
number of other academic honors and awards.

Florida State University had a record 179 student athletes on
the 1999 Atlantic Coast Conference Honor Roll and a National
Association of Collegiate Athletic Directors $5,000 Postgraduate
Scholarship Award Winner.

The Academic Support Program is committed to recognizing
the academic success of all student athletes. The Athletic
Department, in conjunction with Seminole Boosters, Inc., puts
on the annual “Golden Torch Gala”, a black-tie academic
awards banquet, each fall. The ACC Honor Roll student
athletes, as well as the individuals with the highest GPA on
their respective teams, and the Men’s & Women’s Teams with
the highest GPA are recognized at this event.

Team meetings are held each year, during which time student
athletes are notified of potential honors and awards and are
encouraged to apply. Combining a strong grade point average
with athletic accomplishments, community service activities,
and leadership experiences make for a student athlete capable
of obtaining unlimited academic honors, awards, and
postgraduate opportunities.

For More Information Regarding the FSU Athletic Academic Support Program, please write

         Mark P. Meleney
         Director Athletic Academic Support
         P.O. Box 2195
         Tallahassee, FL 32306-2340

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