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The Golden Nole

The Golden Nole Banquet is held every year to honor and recognize Seniors who proudly wore the Garnet and Gold during their last year Florida State University.  Awards are presented to teams and individuals from Fall and Spring sports for community involvement, athletic excellence and leadership as chosen by their coaches.

Golden Nole Award Winners

Shante Williams – Women’s Basketball
Jason Rich – Men’s Basketball
Luke Gunn – Men’s Cross Country
Susan Kuijken – Women’s Cross Country
Andre Fluellen – Football
Libby Gianeskis and Kirsten van de Ven – Soccer
Brendan Burke – Men’s Swimming and Diving
Abbie King and Stacy Rademacher – Women’s Swimming and Diving
Lauren Richardson – Volleyball
Dennis Guinn and Buster Posey – Baseball
Jonas Blixt – Men’s Golf
Ashley Kemp – Women’s Golf
Robyn Petrovich – Softball
Sam Chang – Men’s Tennis
Tapiwa Marobela – Women’s Tennis
Walter Dix – Men’s Track & Field
Kandia Batchelor – Women’s Track & Field

ACC Top Six for Service

The ACC Top Six for Service recipients are selected throughout the year for something unique that distinguishes them as top performers in Florida State University’s community service program.  One of the primary criteria is their willingness to participate and the desire to serve despite time constraints.  These selected student-athletes made significant contributions to the community and were positive ambassadors for the Athletics Department.

The 2007-2008 ACC Top Six for Service recipients are:

Everette Brown– Football
Jessica Carr– Women’s Swimming & Diving
Walter Dix– Men’s Track & Field
Naikeya Heath– Women’s Track & Field
Brad Mixson– Men’s Tennis
Cayla Moore– Women’s Basketball


Athletic Director’s Cup for Service

The Athletic Director’s Cup for Service Award is given each year to one team based on the number of hours per person. 

The 2007-2008 Athletic Director’s Cup for Service is the Women’s Golf Team. The women’s golf team graciously volunteered over 900 hours of community service to win the Athletic Director’s Cup for Service for the seventh straight year.

Lacey Agnew

Ashleigh Anderson

Whitney Brummett

Lauren Cousart

Erica Gonzalez

Sarah Hutchins

Ashley Kemp

Jamie Kuhn

Macarena Silva

Biance Urso

Carolina Westrup

Whitney Wright

Sara Young

Golden Torch Gala

Recognizing the top academic performers for the previous school year, the Golden Torch Gala is one of the most prestigious awards a student-athlete may receive.  In each sport one student-athlete is awarded for achieving the highest GPA for the previous year.

The 2007-2008 Golden Torch award winners from each sport are as followed:

Baseball Ryan Vigue
Men’s Basketball Matt Zitani
Women’s Basketball Mara Freshour
Men’s Cross Country David Huckaby
Women’s Cross Country Ashley Andress
Football Jeffry Taccetta
Men’s Golf Drew Kittleson
Women’s Golf Whitney Brummett
Soccer Katrin Schmidt
Softball Michelle Snyder
Men’s Swimming and Diving Brendan Burke
Women’s Swimming and Diving Stacy Rademacher
Men’s Tennis Michael O’Shea
Women’s Tennis Katie Rybakova
Men’s Track and Field Javier Garcia-Tunon, Gonzalo Barroilhet
Women’s Track and Field Erin Simmons

In the 2007-2008 academic school year, the six recipients received a perfect 4.0 GPA; Ashley Andress, Gonzalo Barroilhet, Whitney Brummet, Javier Garcia-Tunon, David Huckaby and Stacy Rademacher.

National Consortium for Academic and Sports

Established in 1985 by Dr. Richard E. Lapchick at Northeastern University’s Center for the Study of Sport in Society, the National Consortium for Academics and Sport (NCAS) is committed to achieving its mission of creating a better society by focusing on educational attainment and using the power and appeal of sport to positively affect social change.  The NCAS accomplishes this mission by providing the leadership and utilizing the special platform afforded to sports figures so they can bring the lessons learned from athletics to assist in the positive development of at-risk youth in America.  

The National Consortium for Academics and Sport is a rapidly growing network of more than 220 colleges and universities.  National Consortium members work closely with community organizations, school systems, colleges and universities, professional athletes, teams and leagues, and the news media to implement a variety of programs.  

The Consortium programs are designed to impact the youth of America on topics such as balancing academics and athletics, drug and alcohol abuse, racial, gender and human rights sensitivity, violence prevention and conflict resolution, and gender violence prevention.

Since its inception in 1985, NCAS member intuitions have proven to be effective advocated for balancing academics and athletics.  By joining the NCAS, a college or university agrees to bring back tuition free, their own former student-athletes who competed in revenue and non-revenue producing sports and were unable to complete their degree requirements.  In exchange these former student-athletes agree to participate in school outreach and community services offered at exclusively discounted social issues of America’s youth.

The Outreach and Community Service programs offered by the NCAS member initiations are designed by each member institution to meet the specific needs of their surrounding community.  Student-athletes volunteer their time and efforts to many national and local outreach programs.  In many instances student-athletes create programs that are unique to their intuition and offer great benefits to the community youth that participate.  It is clear from the great work done by National Consortium members, that there are many ways to provide quality outreach services.   

  • Reading Programs
  • Mentoring programs with juvenile offenders and drug users
  • Drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs
  • Sports camps for underpriviledged children

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