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September 1999

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Notre Dame Case

Notre Dame officials are not eagerly awaiting a ruling from the NCAA regarding potential major violations of the organizations rules. Expected is a ruling from the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions that, the university should have done more to learn of gifts from convicted embezzler Kim Dunbar to football players, as reported by a local newspaper. Apparently, Dunbar gave players and their friends and families more than $35,000 total in gifts and trips, from the $1.2 million she embezzled. The main point of contention appears to be that the football staff, of then coach Lou Holtz, did not bring the information to the university’s compliance staff in a timely manner, contributing to the problem.

Should the university be found guilty of a major violation, there is an indication that they might not appeal it, hoping to put the entire episode behind them instead. The Tribune had earlier reported that officials at Notre Dame had not knowingly violated any rules, was “vigilant” in their reporting process, had not gained a competitive advantage due to Dunbar’s gifts, and was not guilty of lack of institutional control. However, it would appear that the Committee of Infraction members felt the violations were more severe, than as portrayed by the enforcement staff. Committee members felt that, in such a small community as South Bend, athletic department officials should have been more aware of Dunbar’s gifts.

Dunbar was sentenced to four years in prison. Coach Bob Davie expects the official ruling to come in the fall sometime, saying that he did not feel a decision was imminent, and said that they would deal with it at the time that it came out.

NCAA’s New Address

Please be reminded that the NCAA’s home office recently moved from their long time Overland Park, KS address to their new complex in Indianapolis. Listed below are the pertinent addresses you may need in the future.

Physical Address:

One NCAA Plaza

700 West Washington St.

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 6222

Indianapolis IN 46206-6222


(317) 917-6222


(317) 917-6888



Shipping Address:

NCAA Distribution Center

1802 Alonzo Watford Sr. Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46202

These addresses became effective July 26, 1999, so all future correspondence should be remitted to the addresses and phone numbers listed above. If you have any further questions about the move, the NCAA may be contacted directly.

Proposition Sixteen Update

The NCAA’s Division I Board of Directors has decided that there is “no compelling reason” to change freshman eligibility requirements pending a challenge in federal court. In March of this year, a federal judge had ruled that these eligibility requirements, commonly known as Proposition 16, had an “unjustified disparate impact on African-Americans.” A legal stay was granted by the 3rd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, with arguments scheduled to be heard on September 14th. Graham Spanier, Penn State president and chairman of the Division I board, stated that they would be ready to make any changes required by the court and that they would further study the issue. He further stated that after review by the board, they had concluded that there was no compelling reason to change the standard. “We think we will prevail on the merits of the case. We believe standardized test scores do provide valuable information.” Also, he went on to say that “we do expect to fine-tune our legislation that relates to initial eligibility from time to time. Proposition 16 may not be the last word as we hear new data.”

Proposition 16, as you will recall, refers to the initial eligibility standards of a minimum grade-point average in 13 core curriculum classes, and the major bone of contention in this case is, a required minimum ACT score of 16, or an SAT score of 820, regardless of other academic credentials. If these are not attained, a student-athlete is not considered a qualifier.

Oregon State QB

An Oregon State backup quarterback has been suspended for two games by the NCAA for borrowing a former assistant coach’s car and staying at his home. The violation occurred in the summer of 1998, prior to the student-athlete’s enrolling at the university. The incident was classified as a secondary infraction by the NCAA, meaning it was not serious enough that it gave the university any kind of a recruiting advantage. Apparently, the student-athlete borrowed the car from the coach and used it to drive to school and then stayed at the former assistant’s house until school started. The assistant coach is no longer at OSU, having left to join former OSU head coach Mike Riley with the San Diego Chargers.

From the Interpretation File

Bylaw 13.11.3 – Radio/TV Show – A member institution shall not permit a prospect or a high-school, college preparatory school or two-year college coach to appear, be interviewed or otherwise be involved (in person or via film, audio tape or videotape) on: A radio or television program conducted by the institution’s coach; or, A program in which the institution’s coach is participating. Additionally, a member of the athletics staff of a member institution may not serve as an announcer or commentator for a high-school, college prep school or a two-year college contest or appear (in person or by means of film, audio tape or video tape) on a radio or television broadcast of such contest. This restriction does not apply to contests involving national teams in which prospective student-athletes may be participants.

Contest Questions

1) Is a student-athlete allowed to ride in a private company plane (a company that a parent works for) to an official visit”?

a) Yes

b) No

2) It is permissible for a student-athlete who received a baccalaureate degree from college A, to participate as a graduate student at College B, since A did not sponsor the sport.

a) True

b) False

Please submit your answers to the Compliance Office by September 30th.

…In the News

Just a reminder of squad meeting times and dates. All meetings will take place in the projection room in the Moore Athletic Center and are mandatory.

M & W Golf              Tuesday, Aug. 31, 4:30pm

Softball                Wed., Sept. 1, 4:30pm

M & W Track             Thursday, Sept. 2, 4:00pm

M & W Swimming          Tuesday, Sept. 7, 4:30pm

M & W Tennis            Wed., Sept. 8 , 4:30pm

Baseball                Thursday, Sept. 9, 4:30pm

M & W Basketball        Tuesday, Sept. 14, 4:30pm

Coaches, please remind your student-athletes that they will need to bring along their automobile and auto insurance information.

Southern Methodist University is, once again, in the news for all the wrong reasons. The only school to ever receive the NCAA’s dreaded death penalty, is under investigation for the actions of an assistant football coach. The discovery was made in late July of irregularities that, while secondary in nature, have occurred over the last three or four years. Apparently, the violations uncovered were in regards to the recruiting of at least one student-athlete and were realized during the routine exit interviews conducted with all departing student-athletes.

The University of Iowa football team and it’s new head coach, Kirk Ferentz are facing some criticism for summer workouts prescribed by the coaching staff. A senior on the team accused Ferentz and his assistants with breaking NCAA rules regarding summer workouts. Another senior who left the team (of the six players who have defected) stated that coach Ferentz and his staff “really aren’t good guys”. Some are theorizing that the majority of problems are being caused due to seniors clashing with a new head coach, something of a seniority issue, and something that happens at many schools in a transition phase such as this.

The University of Michigan is facing further NCAA sanctions, due to a former basketball player who accepted money from a booster that was banned from having any contact with the basketball program. The player, a second-round NBA draft pick, did not heed warnings from the institution about staying away from the booster. The player considered the money he accepted a loan, backed by his future earnings in professional basketball. The booster, a former Ford Motor Co. electrician, and suspected gambling ring leader, was banned from associating with the Michigan basketball team in 1997. Loose oversight of the team has been mentioned, as one of the reasons former head coach Steve Fisher was dismissed from his position. The player in question is said to be fully cooperating with the FBI and university officials. At this point, it would appear that there is no evidence of gambling on Michigan games. Officials have discovered that the booster did have an improper relationship with the program, in that he received free tickets from coaches, and had access to the school’s allotment of hotel rooms at the Final Four. A committee has been formed by the university to inquire about the booster’s current involvement, but officials will learn much more when the FBI investigation is completed.

The 1999-00 NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student Athlete are currently being distributed to coaches for all sports. If you do not receive yours in the next few days, please contact the compliance office for your copies.

GA Update

Jason Hall, a former graduate assistant in the Florida State Compliance office, has accepted a full-time position with Syracuse University with their compliance department. Join us in wishing Jason all the best in the Big East.

Recruiting Calendar


Men’s Basketball

September  1 - September 8..............Quiet period

September  9 - September 26........Evaluation period

September 27 - November 8...............Quiet period

Women’s Basketball

September  1 - September 8..............Quiet period

September  9 - September 29........Evaluation period

September 30 - October 7................Quiet period


September 1 -  November 30..............Quiet period

**Except for nine days during September, October and November selected at the discretion of the institution (an authorized off-campus recruiter may visit a particular educational institution only once during this evaluation period.


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