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August 2000

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Official Visits

Now that the new academic year is upon us, it is once again time to review the procedures regarding Official Visits. Per NCAA Bylaw 13.7.1, an institution may finance only one visit per prospect, and prospects are limited to five official visits overall. This restriction applies regardless of how many sports the prospect plans to participate in at the collegiate level. Each institution is required to inform the prospect of the five-visit limitation in writing prior to the official visit, which may not take place prior to the first day of classes of the prospects senior year.

Academic requirements that must be completed prior to the visit include:

  • PSAT, SAT, PLAN, (or PACT Plus) or ACT score presented to the institution and taken on a national testing date under national testing conditions.

  • Academic Transcript must be presented to the institution. It may be an unofficial photocopy of an official document from the prospect’s high school.

    A nonqualifier who has enrolled at a two-year college may not be provided an expense paid visit until they have completed an academic year at the two-year college. Further, a potential transfer student must receive permission from the four-year institution before making an official visit. Written records must be kept of all paid visits for all prospects.

    A prospect in football and any other sport counts as a football prospect. A prospect in basketball and any other sport (except football) counts as a prospect in basketball. Barring unforseen circumstances, the prospect must depart the campus at the end of the 48 hour visit (which commences the minute the prospect sets foot on campus). However, a prospect may remain in the area past 48 hours provided it is for reasons unrelated to the visit and the institution does not pay any further expenses (including return transportation to the prospect’s home).

    Entertainment and complimentary admissions to on-campus athletics events may only be provided to prospects and their parents, legal guardians, or spouse. The complimentary admissions may not be to conference or NCAA championships or any other postseason contest. The official visit may only be made to an on-campus site (within 30 miles) or a home game competition. A prospect may be entertained at the home of an institutional staff member (including a coach) provided it is not excessive in nature and occurs on only one occasion.

    In cases where an improper benefit has been provided by an institution and the amount of that benefit is not in excess of $25, the eligibility of the prospect will not be affected, provided the prospect repays the value of the improper benefit to a charity of their choice.

    Coaches must turn in After Visit Records and Travel Reimbursement Vouchers to the Compliance Office for approval. For answers to more specific questions on official visits please refer the NCAA handbook or contact the Compliance Office.

    Squad Meetings

    The Compliance Office conducted its annual football squad meeting last month. Among the featured speakers were Derrick Crawford, a representative from the NFL Office, Cleve Warren, a financial planner, Darrell Wills, from the IMG sports agency, and former Seminole and NFL veteran Edgar Bennett.

    The panel discussed a number of pertinent issues including agent selection, investment strategies, and off-field conduct.

    The evening concluded with an informative question and answer session, during which the panelists provided insight into a number of topics raised by the student-athletes.

    The dates and times for all remaining squad meetings are listed on page three in the Important Reminders column.

    Annual Fan Day Held

    The 2000 Seminole Football Fan Day was held on Sunday August 6th at the Leon County Civic Center. For the second consecutive year, the Compliance Office manned a booth at the event in an effort to increase awareness of NCAA rules, and the role the Compliance Office plays in the success of our athletic programs at Florida State. Information was provided on a number of topics including boosters, gambling, recruiting, grants-in-aid, and student-athlete eligibility.

    From the Interpretation File

    Bylaw Entertainment at a Staff Member’s Home:

    A luncheon dinner, or brunch at the home of an institutional staff member may be held for a prospect on an official visit, provided the entertainment is on a scale comparable to that of normal student life, and occurs only once.

    Bylaw Multiple Hosts:

    If several students host a prospect, the $30 per day entertainment money may be utilized to cover the actual and necessary expenses incurred by the prospect and all hosts. Only one student host per prospect may be provided if a restaurant is used.

    Contest Questions

    1) A prospect is allowed to make an unlimited number of unpaid visits to an institution?

    a) Yes b) No

    2) A multi-sport prospect is allowed five official visits for each sport in which he or she is being recruited?

    a) Yes b) No

    Submit your answers to the Compliance Office by September 30th!

    ……In the News

    Alabama Recruiting Coordinator Disciplined

    The University of Alabama has suspended recruiting coordinator Ronnie Cottrell. According to university officials, Cottrell violated NCAA rules when he purchased four tickets to last year’s Orange Bowl and sold the tickets to a friend of Crimson Tide defensive lineman Jarrett Johnson. The suspension will prohibit Cottrell from off-campus recruiting during the month of May.

    Cottrell stated he was unaware that NCAA rules prohibited coaches from making such transactions. The suspension is the second disciplinary action taken against Cottrell in less than a year. He was suspended from a game last October after making a phone call on behalf of a player regarding a speeding ticket.

    Severe Penalties Leave Brown Feeling Blue

    The Ivy League announced this week that Brown University’s football team has been ruled ineligible for the 2000 league football championship, marking the first time that an Ivy League team in any sport has been barred from competing for a league title. The ban stems from recruiting and financial aid violations committed in 1999.

    Ironically, the NCAA deemed the infractions to be only secondary violations, with the only sanctions being a reduction in the number of official campus visits by prospective athletes. Ivy League presidents, however, citing the leagues longstanding policy prohibiting member schools from offering athletic scholarships, saw fit to take further action. In addition to the championship ban, the league also reduced the number of football recruits Brown can enroll in the next two years.

    Former Michigan Players Admit Taking Payments

    After previous denials, former University of Michigan basketball players Robert Traylor and Louis Bullock admitted accepting money from Ed Martin, a former athletics booster, who is the target of a federal gambling investigation. Both players testified before a grand jury in the case, however, neither is suspected of any criminal involvement.

    It is unclear what actions will be taken by the NCAA in light of these admissions.

    Seven Bulldogs Involved in Long-Distance Scandal

    The University of Georgia has suspended seven football players from its season opener after the players used a university access code to make an unspecified number of unauthorized long-distance telephone calls. In addition to the suspension, each player must repay the amount of the charges, which range from $58 to $116 each. The university has notified the Southeastern Conference and the NCAA of the infractions

    Important Reminders

    Coaches, please be aware of the dates and times of squad meetings for your respective sports:

    Football Walk-ons – September 5th & 6th at 1:00 p.m.

    M/W Tennis – September 6th at 5:00 p.m.

    M/W Basketball – September 7th at 4:30 p.m.

    Softball – September 12th at 4:30 p.m.

    Baseball – September 13th at 4:30 p.m.

  • Orientation for all new employees in the athletic department will be held on September 11, 2000

  • Congratulations to Niki Getz, who is the new head coach for the men’s golf team.

  • Congratulations also to Bob Bramen, who was recently named head coach of both the men’s and women’s cross country teams.

    Recruiting Calendar September

    Men’s Basketball

    Sep. 1  - Sep. 8  Quiet Period
    Sep. 9  - Sep. 26 Contact Period
    Sep. 27 - Sep. 30 Quiet Period

    Women’s Basketball

    Sep. 1   - Sep. 8  Quiet Period
    Sep. 9   - Sep. 29 Contact Period
    Sep. 30  - Quiet Period


    Sep. 1- Sep. 30  Quiet Period


    Sep. 1- Sep. 30   Cont./Eval. Period

    Mr. Bob Minnix – Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and Legal Affairs
    Ms. Pennie Parker – Director of Compliance Services
    Mr. Brian Battle – Compliance Coordinator
    Sarah Capie – Graduate Assistant
    Reggie Gosner – Graduate Assistant
    Jill Gran – Graduate Assistant
    Todd Hairston – Graduate Assistant
    Rob Slavis – Graduate Assistant

    This edition of The Interpreter was edited by Todd Hairston. All comments should be directed to The Interpreter, P.O. Drawer 2195, Tallahassee, FL 32316, phone (850) 644-0963,

    or by e-mail at: toddhairston@msn.com

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