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Sept. 24, 1997

Agent Day ’97

On September 23, 1997, The Florida State University Office of Compliance hosted itis second annual Agent Day. Agent Day was designed primarily to give draft eligible Florida State athletes the opportunity to meet with members of the sport agent community in an organized and open setting. Approximately 15 sports agents from around the country came to Tallahassee for the opportunity to meet with athletes that they may be interested in representing. Through the Career in Professional Sports class taught by Dr. Brian Mand, the athletes were prepared for the day with helpful hints on the types of questions to ask, as well as having access to information submitted by the agents to Florida State as part of the universityis agent registration program. Although most of the student-athletes participating were seniors this year, several underclassmen took part in the days activities to try to get a head start on learning more about what their futures may hold.

In the past, the means in which an agent recruited an athlete was often through phone calls at their dorm or apartment, in the parking lot after practice or games, or even at the residence of the student-athleteis parents. Agent Day will help minimize these types of contacts, which although allowed by NCAA rules, can be cumbersome for the student-athlete, and very time consuming for the prospective agent. All agents and student-athletes in attendance gave Agent Day high marks, and the Office of Compliance is already preparing Agent Day e98, as well as individual follow-up meetings between players and agents after the season is completed.

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