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ACC Top Six for Service

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens, can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has”
-Margaret Mead

Do you want to make a difference? These Seminoles do…..


Rodney Gallon (MFB)

Renee Hill (WVB)

Cathleen Willy (WCC)


Ytai Abougzir (MTE)

Andrew Diakos (MTR)

Carey Galuppi (WSB)

These special Seminoles have made a tremendous impact on the community with their outstanding participation in the Seminole Spirit Community Service Program. Here is a short profile about each of them-


Rodney Gallon (Football)

Rodney is a freshman linebacker from Tallahassee, Florida and has performed an amazing amount of community service hours in a short amount of time. He adopted an elementary school called W.T. Moore, which is located here in Tallahassee. He visited this school on Friday s throughout the school year. He interacted with the children, and talked to them about the importance of education. He contributed over 30 hours to just to this one school.


Renee Hill (Volleyball)

Renee is a senior from the spring semester, from Texas who did the majority of her community service volunteering at the office of Senator Jeff Atwater. She contributed over 34 hours at his office alone. She also participated in several other community events. These events consisted of National Young Reader’s Day at Sealey Elementary, Sports Ability, Red Ribbon Week at Leon High School, and the Volleyball Marathon. Renee loves giving back to the community any way she can.


Cathleen Willy (Women’s Cross Country)

Cathleen is a junior from Pembroke Pines, Florida. She is a member of the Cross Country team who runs distances that range from the 3K to the 3 mile. Cathleen is a consistent contributor in the community. She is constantly looking for projects and events to volunteer her time. This year she devoted over 72 hours to St. Thomas Moore Catholic Church volunteering her time and services.


Andrew Diakos (Men’s Track & Field)

Andrew is a junior thrower for the Men’s Track and Field Team. He is a two-time All-ACC selection in the hammer throw. He also throws the shot put and the discus. He generated the majority of his hours at the Greek Orthodox Church Greek Fall Festival. He gave over 118 hours assisting in several activities. He volunteered at a local elementary school interacting with young students. Andrew has set the pace for volunteering and representing athletes in a positive way.


Carey Galuppi (Women’s Softball)

Carey is a senior outfielder from Boca Rotan, Florida. She enjoys serving her community and making a difference in the lives of children. This spring she completed over 50 hours working with an autistic child at the C.A.R.E. center and providing guidance for two young boys. Community service is a priority to Carey’s because she believes that giving back is the best way to serve others.


Ytai Abougzir (Men’s Tennis)

Ytai is a junior from Boca Raton, Florida who avidly participates in community service. He donated over 16 hours to Hurricane relief while also volunteering at the Tallahassee Home Schooled children, the Golden Spear Club and Tallahassee Tennis. His desire to serve the community has made him an avid participant in our program.

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