June 17, 2014 - by

The members of the Student Athlete Advisory Council attended a 3 hour retreat at the Seminole Golf Course in January. The beginning of the retreat consisted of a putting contest in which the SAAC was divided into 4 teams. The team with the lowest score after everyone putting to 4 different holes was the winner. The goal of the SAAC Retreat was to bring the student-athletes together to become acquainted; have fun and learn about their role as a SAAC Member. SAAC members were also educated on how to keep their teams informed and involved about various FSU initiatives and service opportunities. Discussion on how to enhance the SAAC experience and suggestions for activities to be sponsored by SAAC that promote unity within athletics was also discussed. An exercise also involved student athletes being asked what they would do if they were an Athletic Director for a Day and what their ideas of a successful leader entailed. SAAC members were required to establish their goals for the semester and what they would like to accomplish as a collective group. Additionally, while at the retreat, SAAC members discussed different elements of leadership and how to implement leadership skills when dealing with various teams issues. SAAC Leaders also spent their time at the retreat learning about various forms of leadership and how to enhance their skills as a result of various leadership exercises being conducted. In essence, SAAC members had the opportunity to relax; enjoy the scenery and resources at the golf course and participate in fun and challenging teambuilding activities! After the retreat the SAAC enjoyed a great dinner from the Seminole Grill.

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