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Scrimmage Q&A: Jimbo Fisher

April 11, 2011

On how the scrimmage went:


Jimbo Fisher: Ok.  What I was disappointed in was that when either side had success today, it was more that the other side didn’t do right more than the team that had success did right.  On offense when we dropped the ball, fell down on a route, and on defense when a guy was there and missed a tackle–that’s football I know–or lost contain.  The mistakes that disappointed me today were more based on what the other side did wrong more than what that side did right, and I didn’t like that as much today.  But we’ll look at the film and we’ll judge and see.  


On the quarterback play:


Jimbo Fisher: I thought EJ played good except for about one or two plays.  He controlled things well.  Pretty good, but we’re having a hard time controlling the line of scrimmage and it’s unrealistic on both sides.  But still, okay.


Have you had any springs like this with this many guys out?


Jimbo Fisher: No, not on the offensive line.  I’ve had some with some of them out, but not that many.


Does that make it tough to execute?


Jimbo Fisher: You can’t get a realistic look either way.  You have to create things and situations to try to do it.


Have Secord or Trickett started to separate themselves?


Jimbo Fisher: We’ll wait and see after the film, I’ll grade it after the film.  I don’t think anything glaring was bad out there today, but there were a couple of good things.  Again, it’s hard to see everything sometimes, that’s why I’ll wait to see the film to judge it.


Were there any defensive standouts today?


Jimbo Fisher: There were a couple.  I thought Greg (Reid) made a couple of good plays, and he broke on plays.  Not where a guy fell down or dropped (a pass).  Mike Harris I think had a play or two.  Up front, I say they do good but it’s kind of deceiving on what you see.  But they’re playing hard and doing what they’re supposed to be doing, and that’s exactly what you want them to do.  You’d be worried if you were running up and down the field on them, and that would be worse.  Nobody really jumped out but we’ll wait and see because those were space plays.  I’ll look at the film and judge.


In their second spring, have you noticed that the defense is more comfortable under Mark Stoops?


Jimbo Fisher: Oh yeah, assignment wise, I don’t think there’s any doubt.  Guys know what they’re doing, where to line up, and they’ve got a lot of depth.  We ought to be a very dominant defense, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t.  


Is one of the better competitions on that side of the ball the defensive ends?


Jimbo Fisher: Yeah, a lot of guys that can play.  Inside too, and I’ve noticed that Cameron Erving and those guys are really coming along.   Demonte (McAllister) did some things, and that Cam Erving guy is going to be one heck of a football player.  He’s going to be a big time football player when it’s all over with.


That position, you got to play some guys that weren’t healthy last year.


Jimbo Fisher: Yeah at times, and the young guys.  But there will be plenty in there this year now with those guys coming in and what we have there.  Guys like Cam Erving keep coming on, I’ll be very happy.


Is the offensive line still doing a good job considering the injuries?


Jimbo Fisher: Okay, and it’s the best they can.  It’s unfair sometimes the guys they’re having to block in situations.  But it may happen to them during the season, and we’re a couple of injuries away.  That’s what you don’t realize, and you’re a couple away from that happening in any position in football.  That’s the way it is.


Any big plays stand out on offense today?


Jimbo Fisher:  A couple.  Kenny Shaw caught a couple of slants today and broke them big.  Avis (Commack) had a nice pick in two minute drill.  There were a couple runs, but those were with more of the 3’s though.  But our backs made a couple of good runs.  


Was there better ball security today?


Jimbo Fisher: Yeah, there was.  There was one fumble, and I don’t know if they got that.  And on defense, we have to get more turnovers.  You can be a big player and bend, stop, and don’t score.  You have to be able to create turnovers too, and that’s part of defense. I’d like to see a little bit more on defense.  But I think Mike (Harris) got one on the goal line down there.  A guy got slid on a route and then Avis (Commack) got one in two minute drill.  

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