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Seeing The Entire Court With Jerel Allen

Nov. 28, 2005

Jerel Allen is one of two junior college players on the Seminoles’ roster and has two years of eligibility remaining as the 2005-06 season has gotten underway. He is a scorer who can get his shot off in any situation and has the ability to play both guard positions and play them well. Allen earned All-America Honorable Mention Honors as he led Mott Community College to the NJCAA playoffs in two consecutive years.

You Selected Florida State Over Texas, Michigan, Purdue, Oklahoma, And Wisconsin. What Brought You To The Seminoles?
“I wanted to be part of the ACC and get the chance to play against players like J.J. Redick and I really liked the coaching staff while they were recruiting me. Florida State is the best place for me to be to earn my degree and play basketball at a high level.

What Were Your Thoughts About Florida State University When You Came To Tour The Campus And Training Facilities?
Right away, I found that Florida State had great athletes and hoped that I could fit in well to Coach Hamilton’s system. I was aware of the quality of division I facilities and was impressed with it all.

How Was The Trip To Trinidad? Was It Beneficial To You Personally? To The Team As A Whole?
Our trip to Trinidad was a great experience for me and my teammates. It was not a trip where we tried to go and overpower other teams; it was more of trying to get our team together. We were trying to work on our team chemistry and learn how to play with each other. It was very beneficial to me because it was my first time playing with the team. I believe we played unselfishly and accomplished goals.

You Played 57 Consecutive Games At Mott Community College, Not Missing A Single Game During Your Two Years There. What Do You Attribute Your Longevity To?
I had bumps and bruises but I felt I needed to get out there and play every game. I have a hunger and drive to play the sport and I enjoy playing basketball. Our whole focus was at Mott was getting to the National Championship tournament and focusing on one level at a time once we got there.

Are There Any Moves From Players That You Have Studied That You Work On To Elevate Your Level Of Play?
I like to study Dwayne Wade’s attacking style when he was at Marquette and the way Ben Gordon played when he was at Connecticut. Those are the type of guys I want to play like, step my game up like they did during their careers.

What Personal Achievements Are You Particularly Proud Of?
I am proud of getting to the here and now. I feel God blessed me to play at this level. In high school, I would hear comments from other players or coaches saying, “He’s not good enough.” I had to Work my way through junior college to play at this level but now I am here Florida State. I am also very proud of the Associates Degree that I earned at Mott. I am the first man to go to college in my family

Some Scouting Reports Call You Strong, Physical, And Explosive. How Do You Describe Your Playing Style?
I feel I can shoot the ball and put the ball on the floor. A lot of players do not know that I can handle the point guard position – I feel that I am more than one dimensional as a shooter.

What Is Your Major Of Study At Florida State?
I am majoring in Social Science.

At A Glance, Who Will You Be Looking At To Be A Team Leader During Your First Year At Florida State And Playing Division I Basketball?
We have a lot of leadership on the team and players who have the ability to be leaders. I believe when everything is on the court we are going to get things done as a team.

By Clint Scott
Sports Information Assistant
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