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Seminole Defense Looks Impressive As More Starters Return

Sept. 23, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – For the only time this week, the Seminoles put on full pads and turned their focus towards the undefeated Colorado Buffaloes and the River City Showdown. Florida State practiced for 22 periods in full pads Tuesday as they look to improve to 10-1 under Bowden in Jacksonville.



·          The defense was all over the receivers at the start of 1-on-1. Terrance Parks had an INT and broke up two passes. Ochuko Jenije had three break-ups, Tony Carter had a break-up and an interception, Patrick Robinson broke up a pass as did Korey Mangum. Inside the red zone D’Vontrey Richardson connected with Bert Reed and Corey Surrency while Christian Ponder hit Rod Owens.

·          During pass rush Neefy Moffett returned with a couple wins while Justin Mincey, Kendrick Stewart, Kevin McNeil, Everett Dawkins, Benjamin Lampkin and Budd Thacker all had a sack. On the other side Will Furlong, David Spurlock and Zebrie Sanders all won a couple battles. Rodney Hudson, Rhonne Sanderson, Brandon Davis, Ryan McMahon and Andrew Datko also notched a win.

·          The offense looked better in skeleton. Ponder completed three passes to Preston Parker and also had single completions to Taiwan Easterling, Antone Smith and Caz Piurowski. Richardson hit Smith twice, Reed, Jermaine Thomas and Rod Owens once. He also had a highlight reel play dropping a pass between two DBs into the hand of Greg Carr who hauled it in. Parks had the only big highlight for the defense with a pass break-up.

·          The defense looked very good in 11-on-11. Everette Brown had a sack while Moffett and Dekoda Watson each had QB pressures. Vince Williams broke up a pass. Myron Rolle stripped a ball from Easterling but it went straight up into the air and landed in the hands of Easterling for a nice gain. Ponder’s only completion went to Parker while Richardson found Reed and Easterling. Thomas had a big run.

·          In goal line each side of the ball had its successes. The offense scored both times from the three and the defense got stops both times from the one. Smith got in behind a great Joe Surratt block and Richardson ran one in. Both stops at the one were on runs.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

On The First Night Of Practice Leading Up To The Colorado Game:

“We had a regular Tuesday practice.  We had a little goal-line scrimmage down there a while ago. I can’t think of anything that stood out that you would want to write about. I thought the offense did a little better job today; both of them did, and looked like they picked it up a little from last week. 


Do you notice any difference in practice with the reinstated players?

“It gives you a little bit more depth, boy, you have been out there sweatin’ hoping that nobody gets hurt at this position because there is nothing but freshman behind them and things like that. You feel a little bit better in that regard. They were working hard. The guy that gets around a lot, gets a lot of attention is Dekoda (Watson). When he was on the scout squad he got a lot of attention. I could see his presence out there today.”


Does Caz Piurowski bring a presence to the offensive line?

“That is exactly right and we have been lacking there. Trying to get a running game without a tight end is a little tough. So, yes, that will help that position.” 


Does Dekoda Watson’s return a psychological lift to the team?

“I don’t know that’s up to the individual. I would think it would bolster their confidence to have someone like that out there.”


Did Ty Jones work today?

“They didn’t use him much. I believe he was available. Looks like he could have worked. He (Jimbo) worked primarily with two tailbacks today and that was (Antone) Smith and (Jermaine) Thomas. We felt like we probably should he used him (Thomas)  more last week except we got into the passing game and there just wasn’t as big of a need. We are preparing him this week. I’d like to prepare (Carlton) Jones, too, if he can get at full speed. He just about is, not quite.” 


Are you looking to use Preston Parker more as a receiver?

“More so than last week, yes. Used him sparingly today at tailback. Probably put too much on him last week.”


Wide Receiver Richard Goodman

On his return:

“Coach Dawsey has been giving me reps. I’m taking reps and I’m getting in the groove to get back. I’m preparing to play Saturday (against Colorado). I am feeling good. I had a couple of weeks of just doing the little things and not actually being in every drill but I’m taking it one day at a time and I’m feeling good so far.” 


Why did you decide to play this season and not redshirt?

“It was basically my decision. I asked Coach Dawsey and he told me if I can go to go. It’s just based on how I feel and right now I feel like I can go Saturday and I’m going to prepare to go.”


Can you be a calming effect on the younger players?

“I have been playing football through these guys since the summer here because of the injury that I had. It’s just going out there, even if I’m not out there all the time, it’s just repping. It’s just me being on the sidelines instead of in the stands like I was and I think I can give those guys a better picture as actually being here and telling these guys what I see out there and giving them my personal opinion in the way they should do things and what to look for on the next drive and the next time they are out there.”



RB Jermaine Thomas

on watching Saturday’s game against Wake Forest on the sidelines:

“That’s the first time I think that’s ever happened to me since I played flag football.  It was just an experience to go through.  I was just waiting on my name to be called and I was going to be ready and whatnot.  But I understand the situation and I still have a lot to learn and Jimbo went with who he felt was comfortable.  I just want to keep working hard and hopefully get a chance to get on the field this Saturday.”


On the opportunity to play in his hometown (Jacksonville) this weekend:

Oh yeah, that would be an exciting feeling for me.  I would love to do that and that’s why I’m out here trying to give 100%, working hard and getting pretty banged up a little bit but I’m holding it in there.”


On whether the coaches said anything to him after the Wake Forest game about the possibility of playing soon:

“Oh yeah, Jimbo always talks to me and he’s always encouraging and whatnot.  He told me to keep my head up and keep going out there and working hard.  Coach Carter told me the same thing to just keep doing what you’re doing and your chance will come.  I just took that and ran with it and that’s why I’m out here going hard.”


LB Dekoda Watson

On his first practice back:

“I don’t even feel tired. I’ve been running all day, every day. Running gassers and doing the scout team and that’s 70 plays off the bat not counting repeats. So I’m getting my conditioning in.”


On what he’s looking for going into live action this weekend:

“One thing I keep telling myself is just keep my composure. I don’t want to try to go out there and do too much and get too excited and try to see everything. I just want to play as a team and just be part of the team really. I don’t want to try to single myself out by doing something stupid.”


On how the team is approaching Colorado after the loss to Wake Forest:

“We just have to bounce back from it. We just have to keep moving ahead. We lost and it’s behind us.”


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