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Seminole Diaries – Q & A With Freshman Toni Pressley

Sept. 12, 2008

Freshman forward Toni Pressley sat down with during Florida State’s recent road trip to Auburn, Ala., where the Seminoles will face Auburn and South Carolina this weekend. Pressley talked about her Florida State experience, why she choose to come to FSU and making the adjustment from high school to college.

Q: Talk to us about the Florida State experience so far. How are you enjoying life as a Seminole?
A: The soccer atmosphere is really good. It is good to be in an environment where everyone is willing to push each other and we all seem to have the same goal to win a national championship. Everyone is willing to help you get better and make that sacrifice. I really enjoy being a Seminole. The coaching staff is really good. Mark and Eric and Paul are always willing to help you with what ever you need. I think that is very important to have that ability to be comfortable around them and trust them.

Q: Why did you choose to come to Florida State?
A: I choose Florida State because I really liked the soccer atmosphere. I really like Mark, Eric and Paul as a coach and a person. I felt comfortable with them right off the back. I also knew some of the other girls that were coming here and were really good friends with them. I knew I would be put into a good situation.

Q: For some one aspiring to play collegiate soccer, explain the difference between the style of play from the high school level to college?
A: College is a lot more physical, a much faster pace. High school is slower. In college, you need to make sure you’re taking care of your self. I think I am still in the process of adjusting to this change. I still feel like I don’t push myself all the time. I am still thinking in the high school frame of mind. I just need to step it up and start working a lot more.

Q: With this being the second road trip of the season, what is your favorite part about going on the road to play?
A: I would have to say being able to share a room with some one different on the team. On the first road trip, I had Wags (Sarah Wagenfuhr) and that was a fun experience. I feel that helps us bond more and to get to know each other a little better. This time I have Becky (Edwards), she is my mentor. Having time to spend with other people on the team is really nice. It helps get me out of my comfort zone and gets you out of that freshmen click.

Q: It seems like everyone on the team really gets along well together, how does that relationship off the field help generate success on the field?
A: We all have a sense of trust and dependency on one another. So we are all comfortable telling each other different things. We’re not afraid to let our feelings out. On the field, it makes things easier. We are a lot more comfortable playing with each other…we’re not afraid to mess up around each other because we know that we will be supportive of each other the next time.


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