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Seminole Football Practices For 22 Periods In Full Pads Tuesday

Sept. 19, 2006


· Florida State worked out for 22 periods in full pads Tuesday on the turf practice field.

· The first 16 periods were spent working in individual units before the offense and defense began to work against one another.

· The last two periods were spent scrimmaging and working on goal line.

· Anthony Houlis suffered a knee injury. The extent of the injury won’t be known until Friday.

· Former Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Pitt and Washington State football coach Jackie Sherrill stopped by practice today before he spoke to the Tallahassee Quarterback Club this evening.


Head Coach Bobby Bowden

“Lightning got us last night and we had to work inside. Last Wednesday it was the same way – we gat a half of a practice and we had to go inside. So, it was very important we got out here today. We need good weather again tomorrow.

will there be any or many changes this week?


what challenges are the receivers facing?

“They see their mistakes. Again, you missed practice Wednesday afternoon (last week) – half your practice – you do your throwing later (in practice). You miss all that darn stuff and it kind of shows. You tell them why they dropped the ball and tell them to correct it.

on getting Xavier Lee in the game vs. Rice

“Right now, we are going to have a set plan. A lot of times, you have a set plan and you look up and you are behind by seven and you are scared to change. We sure want to get him in there, I know that.”

on Anthony Houllis

“Houllis, I think is out for this game. Might be out for a while, to be honest with you. You like to have them both (Houllis and Myron Rolle) but I feel like Myron is ready to do the job.”

on Houllis’s Injury

“It’s his knee. I think its more cartilage than anything else. More cartilage.

on the Play of Alex Boston against Clemson

“He did pretty well. I think everybody would be very pleased with the way he played. Stepping in there for the first time and playing a new position. He seemed to play it pretty well. We didn’t get much of a pass rush in that game however.

Former Mississippi State Head Coach and current TV analyst Jackie Sherrill

“I am up here to speak at the Quarterback Club and I got a chance to come up here and see coach (Bowden) and talk about years ago when he was at West Virginia and I was at Pittsburgh. I am still made at him. He cost us a National Championship when we came down here and played in 1980. (Our friendship) goes back to the 70’s. Probably even the late 60’s.”

Safety Myron Rolle
on replacing Anthony Houllis this Saturday versus Rice

“I am happy about it. It is something I always envisioned when I decided to come to Florida State. Now it has become a reality. I just want to play as well as possible.”

on how Anthony Houllis is handling the injury

“You can see in his face that he is upset. He just told me to play my hardest and fill the hole as well as possible.”

on how his preparation for the Rice game will change

“It won’t be any different. I will approach it the same way as I do every week. Coach prepares us like we are going to start every week. I just hope to execute and I will do my best to play well.”

Defensive lineman Alex Boston
on his role with the team

“Right now I’m helping out the team wherever they need me. Hopefully the injured players will be able to come back within the next few weeks. I just go in and play game-by-game right now.”

on getting some guidance from Andre Fluellen in last weeks’ game

“Andre was trying to help me feel my way through the game. I was helping him make some plays in the backfield. He was really helping me out and we had a good time.”

on the adjustments he’s had to make

“It’s been pretty much the same for me. It’s just now you’re taking on more of a guard than a tight end. The weight difference is there, but the assignments are mostly the same.”

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