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Seminole Golfer Seath Lauer Picks His Dad, His Grandfater And Tiger Woods For His Perfect Foursome

April 28, 2008

Seath Lauer and his teammates are currently awaiting the start of the NCAA Men’s Golf Regional Championships on May 15. The Seminoles won Florida State’s first ever ACC Championship this year and are ranked among the top 10 teams in the nation. Lauer sat down with seminoles.com after his final exams and talked about the clubs in his bag, his favorite golf movie and who he would pick to be in his perfect foursome.

What’s in your golf bag besides your clubs?

“When you really think about it our bags are pretty big. I am currently carrying a sports drink to stay hydrated, my rain gear (just in case), rain gloves (just in case as well), two extra gloves, tees, coins for marking balls, athletic tape in case a blister ever occurs for me or one of my teammates (probably Drew Kittleson), three sleeves of golf balls and the yardage book of the course being played.”

What’s the oldest club in your bag? Why have your held onto the club for so long?

“I honestly don’t have any actual old clubs but one thing I would say is kind of old fashion is my putter. It is a new club but it is the same model of putter I have used since I first started playing the game of golf. I believe your putter is a club you look at and use so much that you need to be comfortable with it every time you take it out of your bag.”

What’s the newest club in your bag? Why did you switch to that club?
“The newest club in my bag is my drive that I got the day before the ACC Championship. It is the Titleist R driver – it’s not even the new model but in my mind it’s the best they have made. I experimented after the NC State tournament with Drew Kittleson’s driver which is almost the same club and I was comfortable with everything about the club. We were able to order the Titleist R and immediately put into my bag. After a short warm up with it the club fits my game well so it will stay for a while.”

Do you have a favorite design or marking on your ball that you use or that has been lucky for you?
“For the longest time I went with a dot over the capital T in Titleist but recently I added the STL being my initials to the side of the number in a diagonal fashion. I don’t consider it a lucky design – it’s just something I like having on the golf ball I play with.”

Do you have any special or meaningful pins on the outside of your bag? Why are they special and what do they signify?
“I do not have anything special on the outside of my bag at this current time. Recently I had a ribbon in memory of the Duke coach that had passed away last year which we did as a team and a league. To me, that was a very nice gesture for every ACC golfer to do.”

What’s your favorite golf movie? Why?
“The Legend of Bagger Vance is the best golf movie, in my opinion. I think it is a great movie because it is a very realistic portrayal of how a man coming out of the woodworks can do something special. It also shows how much of a gentleman’s game the sport of golf is as the main character calls the penalty on himself despite the fact that no one else saw his ball move. The move also depicts the history of the game of golf.”

How long have you been using your current ball marker? Who did you receive it from?
“I have a ball marker that I actually don’t use and that is because I have a tendency to lose them from time to time. It is kept in my bag as something special given to me by my grandmother that tells me all the time she prays for me and our team. It reminds me of everything she does for me and it means a great deal to me. It’s something that I do not want to just throw on the ground!”

How often do you re-grip your clubs? Do you do it or do you have it done professionally?
“I don’t really have a regimen of how or when I re-grip my clubs. I try to do it all by feel. I generally try to change the grip once during each season to keep the fresh feel of the grip in my hand. I can do it myself but if I am pressed for time I will take them to a local man who is very good at re-gripping my clubs.”

What is your ball of choice? what type of golf ball to you regularly use?
As a team we play with the Titleist Pro V1 X. It is a ball that I have used since it came out. I have never been given a reason to try another golf ball. I believe the ball that I am using now is the best in the game.”

If you could create the perfect foursome to play with on a sunny summer afternoon ¬ what three players would you ask to play with you?
“I would start with my father because all he has ever wanted to do for me is the best and I know he has done all in his power to help me achieve my goals. The second player I would choose would be would be my grandfather Tom. I wish he still played and I know he used to when he was younger. He has been one of the biggest supporters of my sister and I throughout the years. I really wish we had a hobby so we could really share some time together since I could never repay either my day or my grandfather for all they have done for me. Finally I think I would have to throw Tiger Woods in there to say I played with some of the best people in my life along with the most successful player in the game. That would be a fantastic foursome for me.”

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