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Seminole Punter Ridiculously Good Looking?

Nov. 4, 2003

2003 Florida State Football Questionnaire
Name:Jesse Stein
Position: Punter
Major: MBA – Graduate School
Birthday: December 30, 1980
Year In School: Grad Student



Lord of the Rings

2, myself

Kool Beans Cafe

July 4th, for my ex-girlfriend

Bora Bora

Fly jets

For Valentine’s Day my junior year of high school I was giving this girl a rose on her front porch. After handing it to her, I took one step back and fell down the stairs and landed flat on my face. I never asked her out again.

The guitar

Air Force Academy

Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight


Lazy Boy

Brooks Brothers

Flying, because I love it


Tin Cup

Ridiculously Good Looking



Starting my first game @ Doak in 2001

1 dog, Patton

Fighter pilot

Jesus Christ, Robert E. Lee, George S. Patton

Jesus Christ

Real Estate

Losing family & friends

Golf and fish

Living my life for Christ

I’m a softy

Married With Children

10 ?

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