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Seminole Soccer Trains For An Hour And A Half This Morning

Aug. 16, 2006

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    Tallahassee, FLSix days in, things aren’t getting any easier for the fourth-ranked Seminole soccer team. This morning head coach Mark Krikorian put the team through a tough hour and a half practice. The players once again came to the session with a great attitude and put forth a strong effort. Wednesday’s practice report is below.



    • The coaching staff let the team know who would most-likely be in the first group of 11 when the team faces off in its first preseason scrimmage Thursday night.

    • The day started off with a passing drill helping the team not only warm-up for the session but also allowing the coaching staff to let the players know what they were expecting. Nothing less than hard driven passes into feet were acceptable as Krikorian had to stop the drill a few times to remind the team of that point.

    • Next up was team defending. The coaching staff had their first group of 11 work on defending from the forwards back. They then took the forwards off and eventually an attacking midfielder as well as they tried to defend 8-v-11. The staff also switched players positions and looked at different players among that starting 11.

    • The practice finished once again with 11-v-11 to big goals on half a field. This time though there was an emphasis on taking and defending set pieces. The attack could be stopped at any time so the coaches could evaluate how both teams reacted to a free kick or corner kick.

    • The first signs of the Seminoles’ new video scoreboard could be seen this morning on the field. Workers started the process of preparing for the brand new scoreboard’s installation and the removal of the first and only scoreboard ever to be used at the seven-year old complex.



    • This was a true coaching session. There was rarely a minute of continuous action before Krikorian stopped the play and made a coaching point.

    • Toby Ranck and Katrin Schmidt both received praise for their defending on the right flank.

    • Iraia Inturregi, one of the standouts early through preseason, showed great offensive skills in yesterday’s practice. On Wednesday she made people notice her on the other side of the ball with another impressive session.

    • Schmidt was solid throughout the drill. The German, who never played a game in the backline before last season, has seemed to really grow into her spot as FSU’s outside left back.



    • Colette Swensen got the first goal of the day. The senior captain buried a header off of a beautiful service from Kirsten van de Ven. van de Ven continues to improve following off season surgery for an ACL tear. She wants to be careful not to rush back but is also showing a lot of heart playing in pain at times.

    • Mami Yamaguchi and Becky Edwards had a chance on goal in an attempt to even the game. Yamaguchi played a great square ball about 10 yards from goal. Edwards had a nice crack at it but the first time shot went just wide.

    • Schmidt and Ranck, who earned praise in the team defending drill, showed they could attack together as well. The two combined on a gorgeous 1-2 down the flank. The final pass found Inturregi. The Spaniard took a touch and then pulled the trigger on a left-footed shot that was cleared off the line.

    • Ali Mims, coming off a fantastic practice Tuesday, made back-to-back big saves to keep her team in the lead. One coming off a dangerous corner kick.

    • The set pieces started to become more of a factor. Inturregi had a great free kick that looked like it was going in but freshman keeper Becky Thompson was able to tip it over the bar.

    • Annie Stalzer continued to pose a threat from distance. The Palm Harbor freshman scored another goal from outside the 18 off an attempted clearance. The goal evened the game up at 1-1.

    • The yellow team went up 2-1 on a Becky Edwards goal. The highly touted freshman got an easy finish into an open net off a loose ball in the box following another free kick.

    • Edwards followed up the goal with another big time play. The Pennsylvania native took a brilliant touch off a pass beating assistant coach Pauliina Miettinen at the top of the 18. As soon as she created the space for herself, she bent a shot to the back post that was just slightly off target.

    • Yamaguchi had the next highlight of the game as she hit a tremendous free kick from about 25 yards out. The shot dipped over the wall but caught the inside of the crossbar and bounced out barely missing a goal.

    • Holly Peltzer concluded the game by playing a dangerous ball into Yamaguchi’s head. The header sailed just wide of the post.



    “I thought it was a good practice. We concentrated the first part on how we want to play defensively. Everyone concentrated on what we were being told and worked hard to try and grasp the concepts the coaches were discussing. It was a good practice.”

    Toby Ranck talks about today’s morning session


    “I think we are a little sore but that is just natural for what we have been doing. We are putting a lot of effort forward. For the most part we are all holding up pretty well. We are sore but not too fatigued yet. We are still working hard. The level of play is still really high. Our post-training regimen really helps with our recovery and is a big factor in keeping our legs fresh.”

    Libby Gianeskis talks about the level of fatigue on the team on the sixth day of preseason


    “I guess the real difference is there is a little more organization this year just because Mark has been here a year now. It seems like there is a real flow now to how he wants things done. I like the way we have been practicing and the structure. We will go hard one day and then maybe do something a little lighter the next day. That really helps us out. I am enjoying this preseason and I believe it is going to set us up for a great start.”

    Libby Gianeskis talks about how the 2005 and 2006 preseasons are different.


    “Training has been harder than it is in Spain because we train twice a day. In Spain we aren’t used to that. I like it because we are training hard. I like the players. We are getting along on and off the field. They are helping me so much. I miss home but that is normal. We are so busy all day that I haven’t had time to get homesick.”

    Spanish National Teamer Iraia Inturregi on adjusting to soccer and life in the United States


    “So far it has been very good. Everyone is improving each day. For me I am adjusting to the different training and the high level. It has been competitive but good. All the older players make it really easy for the newcomers. Coming in knowing what FSU did last year and they were ranked fourth this year, my expectations were high. Everything has been just as competitive and just as difficult as I thought it would be.”

    Annie Stalzer talks about how her first collegiate preseason is going


    Check throughout the preseason for news, quotes and photos from FSU’s preparations for the 2006 campaign.


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