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Seminole Softball Blog #3

Oct. 27, 2010

Hey Seminole Fans,

This is Briar Stanley and Kelly Hensley once again reporting from the locker room of Seminole softball. We have a lot to tell you about considering this past weekend was the first weekend the team traveled together. It was a weekend packed full of team bonding and softball. It was exciting to get everyone together and connect with each other on a different level.

Over the weekend, Coach Alameda took our phones away, yes no phones for an entire Saturday and most of Sunday, up until around 8:30 PM. This was to ensure that we all got the most out of our bonding time without any distractions.

Many started off the team bonding the night before by going out and purchasing items for the upcoming events. As some of you may know, we have Seminole Warrior teams. There is a red team (GO RED), a blue team, a black team, and a green team. Everyone dressed up in their team colors either wearing bandanas, eye black, eye shadow, or a combination of all of them. Some even bought gloves (team black).
Over the weekend we were put into these teams to compete against each other in events such as pushing a GIANT inflated ball down a soccer field and trying to score as well as capture the flag.

In the first event it was a blowout by team red as they scored on each team and were able to come away with a solid win. The way this game was played was the ball was placed into the middle of the field and each team had one person hold the ball, and when the whistle blew the teams ran into the ball trying to force the ball downfield. The ball could only be pushed, but it could be pushed on the ground or in the air.

The second event of the night was capture the flag. This was an intense game and as the rules changed the teams kept having to change their strategies. As we are all so competitive you can bet that things got crazy, but in a good way. Everyone had to work with their warrior teams to try and capture the flags of other teams or collect most of the glow- in-the-dark bracelets. Team black ran away with the win in collecting the most flags but team blue came away with a win in collecting the most bracelets. Their strategy was to team up with each other and go after the other team. Red and green tried the same strategy, but it didn’t work out as well for them in the end.

On the softball side of things, we had our first game on Saturday against Pensacola and our second game against NWFS. Both were great battles by each opponent and the Seminoles walked away with two wins but not before a fight. After the team bonding I felt that it brought us together to fight and that’s just what we had to do. On Sunday after the win against NWFS there was a camp put on and FSU and NWFS teamed up to raise $2,000 for Amber Howard, a girl who is in our hearts and was there this weekend in the dugout. She was able to support us as she watched us play with her family by her side.

It was an exciting and eventful weekend for the Noles and we will update you more next week on some more exciting softball fun! This was Kelly and Briar reporting for Seminole Softball.


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