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Seminole Spotlight: Melissa May

April 16, 2008

The typical student-athlete’s day would usually consist of classes, practice, study hall and possibly another practice: a schedule not just anyone could handle. But Melissa May, a 2007 ACC Academic Honor Roll, who also appeared on six top ten lists during conference games last season, manages school and softball with ease.

May, a junior pitcher, does everything a typical student-athlete does in a day, plus more. The California native has also been planning for her wedding, which is on June 28th at the FSU Alumni Center. Through all the excitement and chaos, May has kept her composure this season, making an appearance in 13 games and starting 4 so far. She believes that being married will have a big impact on her senior season.

•What is your fiancée’s name?
Joshua David Gillispie.

•How did he propose to you?
Dorothy B. Oven Park off of Thomasville road is kind of our “getaway” park to just have time alone and be romantic and sweet. It was the day we lost at ACC’s and both our parents were in town (which made it really special). We all went to dinner and then he wanted to take me out for a walk, but it was raining! I did not want to walk in the rain, but he persisted. He took me to where there is a fountain and all kinds of flowers; it looked like the secret garden. He got down on a knee, and he said, “Will you marry me?” And he pulled the ring out from behind his back, and of course I said YES! It was awesome.

•Is it going to be a big traditional wedding or a more exclusive wedding?
It is as big as we can afford! Meals and seats are very expensive so it’s a lot of family and really close friends.

•How do you plan on feeding all your teammates?
The team is defiantly invited, but they will need to eat a big meal before. We are only serving Hors d’oeuvres.

•Have you picked out your dress?
I did pick out my dress. I actually picked out the 2nd week we were engaged, so I have had it for about 8 months! It is beautiful and very simple. It is white.

•Do you know if your parents are planning on showing any embarrassing videos or photos?
We are doing a slideshow at the wedding, but I am kind of in charge of choosing what pictures go on it. So there will be cute ones of me and embarrassing ones of Josh! Just kidding.

•Have you picked your song yet?
We haven’t said for sure, but we pretty much decided on “Cross My Heart” by George Strait.

•Are you worried about getting a farmer’s tan from your softball uniform?
VERY!!! I go to the tanning bed all the time. And if you come to a game and see my sleeves rolled up, you will know why! Also, my neck has a line and it is horrible. It is going to be hard to get rid of but I am praying.

•How have you managed to juggle school, plan your wedding, and play softball?
I don’t really know! But it actually has not been as bad as I thought. It is kind of like school is school, softball is work and wedding planning is my “fun”! It keeps me sane with everything else that is going on. I love to plan and organize, so it’s kind of my “thing”.

•What has been the most challenging aspect of planning your wedding so far?
The money. My parents have been generous, but everything is so expensive. I have exhausted all the money my parents gave, so anything more that I want I have to buy. So my Discover card is getting hit hard, and I think I need stuff but I don’t really. So I am trying to be pickier but it is really hard! There is a lot of cool stuff!!!

•Are any of your teammates going to be bridesmaids?
Yes, Tiffany McDonald.

•Where do you plan on living after you graduate?
We don’t know. He wants to go to a school of Ministry out in California, and I am thinking about grad school, so it is up in the air right now. I would like to be back in California at least for a little while to be closer to my parents and sister.

•What are you career goals for the future?
It really depends if I go to grad school. I would like to work as a high school guidance counselor. If not, I may teach. On the complete opposite side of everything, Josh and I have recently thought a lot about doing some ministry overseas, and the country that really excites us is Ireland.

•Is there anything you want to add with all the excitement leading up to your big day?
If there is one thing I could add, it would be that Josh is the most amazing man I have ever met. He loves God so much, he treats me like a queen and he is so selfless. His heart is amazing. I am the luckiest girl.

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