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Seminole Spotlight: Softball’s Corrie Williams

April 17, 1999

#15 Corrie Williams

Senior, 1B

Bakersfield, CA

Why she chose FSU: I wanted to experience the east coast, and I love going to the football games!

How would you describe the team: We are our own entertainment!

Who is your biggest inspiration: My family because they are always there to support me no matter what.

What do you do to prepare for a game: I just try not to overanalyze anything, and just go out there and play.

What is something most people don’t know about you: I love to shop at second hand stores!

Williams This Season

.233 52 133 15 31 21 8 0 1 22 18 3-4

While women’s athletics has had a rich tradition in Tallahassee since the early 1900’s when the Florida State University was the Florida State College for Women, the 1998-99 season makrs the 30th Anniversary of a continuous women’s intercollegiate athtics program at FSU. Through the years, a foundation of excellence both academically and athletically has been built which has allowed a winning tradition to grow.

With five National Championships, numerous conference championships and countless All-American and All-Conference accolades, the Florida State women’s athletic teams have inded had a great deal tolebrate over the past three decades.

FSU began its year-long celebration in the fall and conclude with today’s double-header, festivities and official dedication of the new facility. We’d like to welcome home our former Lady Seminole athletes and staff who have come to celebrate this memorable event:

Greta Bahn Softball
Dr. Judith Blucker Volleyball and Softball
Venus Ross Softball
Julie Larson Baker Softball
Cathy Schmetz Ballard Tennis
Karla Severs Bass Track
Kim Googe Boatright Softball
Christine Brokas Basketball
Susan Brown Softball
Frances Cannon Committee of 30
Charlotte Bouland Coleman Swimming
Jan Bell Collins Softball
Emma Colquit Basketball
Jennifer Olow Corney Softball
Clara Cook Softball
Alicia Crew Swimming
Tiffany Daniels Softball
Winnie Dodgion Softball
Zon Reed DuBois Diving
Dona Gaskins Fields Softball
Steffany Forr Softball
Kym Averill Gaudreau Softball
Jo Anne Graf Softball and Tennis
Jodi Irving Softball
Harlien Johnson Athletic Trainer
Billie Jones Volleyball and Softball
Salley Peterson Karioth Basketball
Nancy Kinnunen Volleyball
Nancy Kropp Softball
Diane Barber Lacroix Tennis and Softball
Gayle Lee Golf and Softball
Marie Rendueles Locklin Tennis
Patricia Malarney Softball
Shannan Mitchem Softball
Vicki Davis Mixon Softball
Misty Molin Softball
Corrie Odom Swimming/Softball/Trainer
Barbara Palmer Athletic Director
Mary Lawrence Pankowski Swimming
Bobbie Parr Volleyball/Softball
Sandy Perkins Softball
Natalie Drouin Petrovich Softball
Trudy Rayburn Track
Debbie Riley Softball
Heather Schalk Swimming
Laurie Shepard Softball
Jan Sikes Softball
Debbie Smith Softball
Gwen Burchard Smith Swimming
Cynthia Strauss Volleyball
Millie Usher Basketball and Softball
Avis Latham Vaught Volleyball/ Golf/ Track
Peggy Wagner Tennis
Janet Wells Softball
Windy Weltz Softball
Linda Leon Wiggins Softball
Gail Braithwaite Williams Tennis

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