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Seminoles.com Q&A With Everette Brown

April 21, 2009


Describe what the last few months have been like getting ready for the NFL draft?

Everette Brown:  The last four months have been a very fast learning curve. Since my conclusion here at Florida State and training for the NFL combine and Pro Day there have been a lot of things that have taken place other than football. My experience here at Florida State and the exposure that I have received at Florida State prepared me for the interviews at the NFL Combine and the psychological tests. Obviously the football part took care of itself because I came to a big football school like Florida State that prepared me to play at the next level.

What was the most difficult challenge over the last four months?

Everette BrownThe most difficult challenge over the four months was making the grown-up decisions, the things that you may not have had to do while you were a student-athlete here at Florida State. I had to go out and select an agent, my financial group, a marketing firm. A lot of things that you take for granted while in school that are taken care of for you are the things that you have to handle every day. That has been the most difficult thing because football has taken care of itself.

Where did you train to get ready for the combine?

Everette Brown:   I trained in Ft. Lauderdale at Perfect Competition. I trained there until our Pro Day and then I came back up to Tallahassee and I have trained here ever since. I have worked out for teams here at Florida State including the St. Louis Rams, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots. There were also a number of teams that were on hand at Pro Day.

What separates the facilities at Florida State from other places that you could have gone to train?

Everette Brown:   I tell you here we have the top-notch facilities. After Pro Day this is where I want to be. I am training to play in the NFL so having the ability to go on the field and use the sleds and bags or whatever else I may need was available. Not to mention the state of the art weight room. Training in Tallahassee at Florida State has been very good for me and an opportunity to prepare for my future.

What are your plans leading up to the NFL draft and where are you going to watch the draft?

Everette Brown:   I am going to head back home to North Carolina to be with my family. On draft day I am going to be at my grandma’s house and then we are planning to go to another venue and have a nice setup with my family and just enjoy the day and not get stressed. The uncertainty of the city makes for some interesting travel plans because once I know where I am going I will probably have to fly out that night.

Have you thought about what your first big purchase is going to be once you sign your first NFL contract?

Everette Brown:   I haven’t really given it much thought but I am pretty sure it is going to be something for my parents, especially my mom to put a big smile on her face. Once that day comes it will be a great day and that is what I have been working towards.

Looking back at your career at Florida State what would you say has been your greatest accomplishment?

Everette Brown:   I was able to stay out of trouble and I was able to graduate. Looking back I was able to perform at a high level at a big time university and earn the respect of the coaching staff and the support staff here at Florida State. I remember coming to Florida State and thinking that I was the big dog and you had to earn it all over again and that helped prepare me for what is coming now and I am ready to take that challenge on and go to work.

Looking back what has your scholarship meant to you and how has that opportunity propelled you to your next step, playing in the NFL.

Everette Brown:   I really didn’t appreciate what it meant to earn a scholarship until I got here to Florida State and started to see the value that my scholarship was worth. I am greatly appreciative for the opportunity to come to Florida State. The biggest part of earning a scholarship is to maximize it. I feel that you need to take everything in be very optimistic about what you are doing and studying and maximize the resources that are here at Florida State. Florida State has all of the resources you need to win and be successful.

What can we expect out of Everette Brown in the NFL? 

Everette Brown:   The same thing that I brought here to Florida State. I am going to be very loyal to whichever organization I am a part of. When I go out there on that field I am going to dominate and be successful and I will always represent Florida State.

Looking ahead to next year what are your thoughts on the 2009 Florida State football team and does anyone stand out to you?

Everette Brown:   The opening game against Miami is going to be a great game. I had an opportunity to watch the guys out there at spring practice and the only thing we are missing is consistency which is always tough in the spring. Those out there are very talented. We had a lot of talent on the team last year and a lot of team unity and that will carry over into this year’s team. There is a great opportunity to build off of the 9 win season last year with the leadership on the field and the coaching staff that is getting these guys ready each week. I think the whole offense is going to dominate. The offensive linemen are experienced and they have played together and they should open up some big holes for the three great running backs in the backfield. I really like what I have seen from Marcus Sims at the fullback and running back positions. Defensively we have everything in place and I am expecting everyone to go out there and do their part. A lot of guys look like they are having a lot of fun out there during the spring and I find that you play your best when you are having fun.

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