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Seminoles Complete Long Stretch Of Practices With 15 Periods On Tuesday

Oct. 14, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – It seems like forever since Florida State got that emotional victory over the Hurricanes in Dolphin Stadium. With the team’s 12-day layoff getting ready to end, the Seminoles completed their preparations for NC State (2-4, 0-2) with a 15 period practice in shorts on Tuesday. FSU (4-1, 1-1) will depart for Raleigh Wednesday ahead of Thursday night’s nationally broadcast game versus the Wolfpack.



QB Christian Ponder

On today’s message on the practice field:

“We got to just keep pushing that rock is what our motto is right now, just keep the momentum going and we’re doing well and we’ve just been working hard all week. We had a good two weeks of practice and we got a little rest and so we should come out and really do well this game. We know what we’re doing and we’ve just got to relax and play.”


On this game’s momentum leading into the rest of the season:

“It’s a pretty important game. We’re going in the second half of our season after this game. NC State plays us hard all the time so this is another game that we have to come out and really prove ourselves and that we belong on top of the ACC. It’s another ACC game so that’s important as well. We’ve really have to come out and fight and they’re gonna fight hard so we’ve got to fight them back.”


On NC State having to get ready for the passing game:

“I think they are definitely going to be stopping this run. We’ve been really relying on the run the past two games and I think this game can really open things up for us in that passing game. I wouldn’t be surprised if they load the box and then try to stop it and play man to man outside. I can’t predict what they’re doing but if that happens we’ll be ready to throw that ball and that’s something we’ll probably have to rely on this game.”  


CB Patrick Robinson

On if the defense is prepared:

“We’re doing pretty good and I think we’re pretty prepared to play on Thursday night and try to get the win.”


On NC State’s mobile quarterback Russell Wilson:

“He’s pretty mobile but he’s young and for the most part your young players are going to make those mistakes that those veterans wouldn’t make. We’re gonna play the same defense we’ve been playing the last couple of weeks. We’re just going to try to put some pressure on him and try to get him to make those mistakes.”


WR Bert Reed

On the difference in preparation for a Thursday night game:

“The mental preparation is just the different days of the week and being the only teams playing on Thursday night and practicing on Sunday.  It’s been a long week of practice.  But I think the physical part is all the same.  On Thursday night you’re going to go out there and the crowd is going to be loud, there’ll be lots of fans and it’s on national television so it’s a big game for us.”


On the statement FSU wants to make being the only game on national television Thursday night:

“Just that we’re Florida State we come to prove something.  We’re a physical team and a tough team and we’re smart.  That gets the job done and that’s the message that we want to get out there.  We’re pushing the rock, as coach would say, and we’re rolling right now, trying to get things going.”


WR Greg Carr

On having a break out performance in the Miami win:

“I feel I’m just trying to get better with each game.  We know as players and as a team the more we’re out there and the more experience we get each and every game within the season the better we’re going to be.  So just getting comfortable and getting into your own little zone.”


On whether he talks with Coach Fisher on getting the ball:

“Not really, you know with Coach Fisher he’s on top of everything.  So when the situation presents itself he’s going to take advantage of it.  Whether it’s coming to me or whether it’s coming to Preston, Corey or giving it to Antone, we know regardless of the situation whatever the best chance of us getting into that end zone he’s going to come to it.”


On whether the idea that NC State’s defense will be concentrated on Christian Ponder running the ball makes a difference:

“We know that brings about a lot of man coverage.  We feel like when we get opportunities in man coverage it’s hard, you may stop one guy here and one guy there but it’s hard to stop all of us.  We look at that and know when that comes and people start sticking more guys in the box that’s when we need to step up and make our plays and bring them back out the box and open up the running game, just like the running game opens up the passing game for us.” 



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