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Seminoles Continue To Prep For Hurricanes

Oct. 16, 2007

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Tallahassee, Fla.The Florida State football team spent 22 periods in shells as the squad continued its preparations for Miami. FSU worked mainly versus scout teams on Tuesday but also found the time to get some work in versus each other. The team will be back out on Wednesday as they look towards renewing their rivalry with the Canes.



·         After specialty, the team spent a large part of the practice working versus Miami scout teams.

·         In 1-on-1 Miami native J.R. Bryant and Michael Ray Garvin both had big plays. Garvin broke up two passes while Bryant broke up one and also recorded a pick. D’Vontrey Richardson completed a nice pass to De’Cody Fagg and Christian Ponder hooked up with Bert Reed.

·         In skel Xavier Lee hit Greg Carr and then connected with Fagg on a short pass before hitting him with a deep ball. Drew Weatherford completed a couple nice gainers to Jamaal Edwards and also hit Joslin Shaw and Reed. Defensively Myron Rolle and Toddrick Verdell broke up passes.

·         The defense had another good day in pass rush. Letroy Guion, Emmanuel Dunbar and Budd Thacker recorded multiple wins. Eli Charles, Neefy Moffett, Alex Boston and Kendrick Stewart also got to the QB. On the O-Line Ryan McMahon, Jacky Claude, David Overmyer and Tyler Graves got wins.

·         In 11-on-11 Antone Smith had a big run for a TD. Weatherford hit Antonio White for a first down and Dunbar had a nice stop for no gain.

·         In 2:00 the first team offense put together a nice drive but with time winding down Verdell picked off a pass near the goal line to end the drive. The two’s fared better. With under 20 seconds left Weatherford hit Richard Goodman who dove to the endzone but was ruled just short. With eight seconds left Weatherford had a sure TD dropped (as did Lee in the first drive). With only four seconds remaining Weatherford found an opening and crossed the line as the buzzer sounded.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

On how the game might impact recruits:

“There might be a case where whoever wins this one might have a bearing on somebody. I don’t think like everybody changes their mind or anything like that. But it could be one guy who liked what he saw from one team then the other one and might decide to go there.”


On how the luster may be lost in the game:

“Not for the team. Maybe from outsiders, I would think your fans and boosters are still as excited as they ever were. But out there, national interest, naturally would not be as high as it was back when we were both one and two.”


On the rivalry between Florida State and Miami:

“It has always been a good rivalry, you know Miami and Florida State. It’s different then the Florida State/Florida game which is different then the Miami/Florida game. Miami and Florida State have always had a real good rivalry. It’s always been a clean rivalry, a tough rivalry.”


On how the fans are fired up about the game:

“There is still a natural rivalry between the kids. It’s still Florida State verses Miami. Their fans and our fans are probably just as fired up as they always are. It’s one of those bragging right deals. You know all people down in Miami, all the Seminole Boosters down in Miami, want to win this game probably more then anyone.”


QB Xavier Lee:

On the running game and how it could impact the team:

“If you look at the running game style which we’ve been working on lately, I think it will take a lot of pressure off of everything else. Deuce (Antone Smith) has been waiting to break out and I’m quite sure he’s ready for this opportunity against Miami, or any team that we could possibly play. But I think it would play a major role if we can get that going.”


On how to prepare on the running game:

“Offensive line has been working hard, trying to fix their mistakes because come around game time that is where mistakes happen, but you’ve got to fix out here before you carry it into the game. But I think they’ve been working hard this whole week.


On the touchdown to Preston Parker last week against Wake Forest:

“Yea, it was a tough catch. He made a great catch on it. Preston has great hands, is a good receiver, you give him a chance, he’ll make a play. I put some muscle on it just so no one else could touch it. It hit him in the chest but he kind of spun with it. I bet the velocity knocked him out. He held on for six points.”


On Miami‘s style of play:

“They play with a lot of passion. They’re fast all around the board. They are definitely a really athletic group. If you let them stay in a game, they’ll make you look bad. I’m not taking anything from them; they are a really good team.”


CB J.R. Bryant:

On the up and downs of his career:
“This year it’s been okay. I’m just trying to keep a positive attitude about everything. The main thing is you don’t want to be selfish; you just want to help your team win. If you get in the game for one play, if you get in the game for 59 plays, in that one play you can just help your team win. I just try to keep a positive attitude about everything. I don’t fuss, I don’t fight with anybody, just try to keep going and get better everyday. Just help the team.


On the defense giving up big plays in the last two games:

“Well it’s important, but you can’t worry about it. If you go out there worrying about not giving up big plays, you might give up one. We’ve just got to keep playing good defense like we have and just cut out the minor mistakes and we’ll be alright.”

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