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Seminoles Defeat Panthers 4-1

Feb. 22, 2013

MIAMI, Fla. – The No. 25 ranked Florida State women’s tennis team moved to 7-1 on the year after it defeated Florida International, 4-1 in Miami this afternoon.

“The girls did a great job of taking care of business this afternoon,” head coach Jennifer Hyde said. “They needed to be efficient today and they were.”

The Seminoles clinched the doubles point after sophomore Daneika Borthwick and junior Kerrie Cartwright defeated Rita Maisak and Alexandra Trifunovic on court one by a score of 8-5.

Senior Amy Sargeant and Mia Vriens dominated their match on court three, defeating Magali Holt and Lotte Gras, 8-1.

Senior Francesca Segarelli and Kristina Schleich’s match on court two was halted after the Seminoles took the 1-0 lead. Segarelli and Schleich were ahead 6-4.

FSU defaulted court six, giving the Panthers a point, thus tying the score, 1-1.

Cartwright moved to 4-0 in singles on the year after controlling her match on court four. She defeated Giulietta Boha putting the Seminoles up 2-1.

On court three, Sargeant beat Trifunovic 6-4, 6-2 before No. 91 ranked Segarelli clinched the match for the Seminoles. She beat Maisak on court two, 6-4, 6-3.

Both Schleich and No. 35 ranked Borthwick contributed first set wins before their matches were stopped once the Seminoles won the match. 

Schleich was up 7-5, 2-0 on court five, while Borthwick was tied on court one in the second set after winning the first 6-4, 1-1.

With their wins today, Segarelli and Sargeant extended their singles streaks to 10-0. Those marks will be put to the test tomorrow as the Seminoles face No. 11 Miami on Saturday at 11 a.m.

“Now we are preparing and fully focused on our first ACC match tomorrow,” Hyde said. “This is a great opportunity for the team to step up and show how thick our guts are. It’s going to be a great battle test and we can’t wait.”

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#27 Florida State 4, FIU Panthers 1

Singles competition

1. Orlando, Carlotta (FIU) vs. #35 Borthwick, Daneika (FSU) 4-6, 1-1, unfinished

2. #91 Segarelli, Francesca (FSU) def. Maisak, Rita (FIU) 6-4, 6-3

3. Sargeant, Amy (FSU) def. Trifunovic, Aleksand (FIU) 6-4, 6-2

4. Cartwright, Kerrie (FSU) def. Boha, Giulietta (FIU) 6-2, 6-1

5. Holt, Magali (FIU) vs. Schleich, Kristina (FSU) 5-7, 0-2, unfinished

6. Sabado, Michelle (FIU) def. No player (FSU), by forfeit

Doubles competition

1. Borthwick, Daneika/Cartwright, Kerrie (FSU) def. Maisak, Rita/Trifunovic, Aleksand (FIU) 8-5

2. Boha, Giulietta/Orlando, Carlotta (FIU) vs. Segarelli, Francesca/Schleich, Kristina (FSU) 4-6, unfinished

3. Sargeant, Amy/Vriens, Mia (FSU) def. Holt, Magali/Gras, Lotte (FIU) 8-1

Match Notes:

Florida State 7-1; National ranking #27

FIU Panthers 0-6

Order of finish: Doubles (3,1); Singles (4,3,2)

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