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Seminoles Gear Up For The Final Stretch With Only Two ACC Games Left

Nov. 10, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – The season is in the home stretch. Florida State has only three games remaining and two of the three are big conference match-ups. The 19th-rnaked Seminoles took a look back at their win over Clemson on Monday night and when the team comes back on Veteran’s Day Tuesday, they will be solely focused on the Boston College Eagles. Florida State will most likely need to win their final two ACC games and get a little help if it hopes to get to Tampa Bay for the 2008 ACC Championship game.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

On tonight’s practice:

“It looked like we came out in pretty good shape as far as injuries are concerned.  I didn’t see anybody missing tonight.  [Justin] Mincey worked and I saw some of the guys limping around but I think they’ll all be up and available for the ballgame, unless they get hurt this week.”


On how Florida State is attacking teams with the running game:

“It’s amazed me that we’ve been able to run the numbers we have; it’s amazed me. But I sure hope we keep it up because it’s probably a very big key on that offense, no doubt about it.”


On how far Florida State has come with the running game in the last two years:

“You can really tell the difference. Not only that but that fact that they’re working with such young players.”


On bringing in Jimbo Fisher and the progress he’s made:

“I just felt like he had what it takes.  Some people have a knack for it and some people don’t have a knack for it. I think he’s a good play caller; he keeps you off balance, mixes it good. And balance, that’s what you’re getting right now. Actually running for more numbers than you’re throwing, which is okay.”


Offensive Line Coach Rick Trickett

On the Clemson game:

“We looked pretty good.  I took 77 (Zebrie Sanders) out and went with an older kid, a redshirt freshman, over a true freshman.  Antwane [Greenlee] really did a good job. I was proud of him.  He went in there and had six knock-downs and did a good job on pass-run stuff.  So we’ve got a pretty good battle going over there right now to see if Zebrie wants to try to get that spot back. Rodney Hudson again had another great day; he was the ACC lineman of the week for the third time.” 


RB Jermaine Thomas

On how surprised he is about how much he’s contributed to the team:

“Yea, I’m kind of surprised of myself. Like I say every week, I just got to go out there and contribute for my team. When my number is called, I just wanna go out there and make sure I get the job done. A lot of coaches are really excited about me doing what I’m doing, I just want to keep it rolling.”


On how he matches with Antone Smith and what his style is:

“I’d say a little shifty back. I’d still probably give Antone on the speed. I think he’s probably faster then me. When I get in the game, it’s kind of hard, I can match up different with other linebackers with my speed. There is just a few little things a little different from each other.”


On Boston College’s defense:

“We already looked at them (on film), studied them. We’ve got a whole week ahead of us to find out a lot of different things about them. Jimbo’s (Fisher) biggest thing was they really aren’t doing anything too much big but if we just pay attention to close details then we’ll got out there and execute we shouldn’t have really no kind of problems.”


DE Everette Brown

On Boston College’s offense:

“Well we started looking at them on Sunday. They have a big offensive line. They tend to out weigh us at every position. It’s going to be a physical ball game. Those guys execute the offense well. They got a senior quarterback that they believe in. They are pretty balanced offensively, they like to run and pass the ball a lot. What they do is pretty simple, but they are very good at what they do. So we have to have a great week of preparation preparing for this.”


On the game being Homecoming and the Blackout game:

“Not only is it a big ACC game that we need to go out and put together a great performance for, but it is also having Homecoming and the big crowd and also coming out in all black uniforms. It’s a great motivation going into the game and we’re definitely looking forward to it.”


On the momentum coming off the Clemson win:

“We have a lot of momentum going. We had a great week last week against Clemson, bouncing back of the loss of Georgia Tech. We’re going to carry that momentum right into Boston College because now everything counts. It’s going to be very important that we come out and play our best game.”


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