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Seminoles Get Introduced To Their New Home

Aug. 26, 2002

Florida State University Director of Athletics Dave Hart, Jr., introduced the new Florida State Training Center to its new occupants on Sunday afternoon. Although the coaching staffs have been working out of the facility since June, it was a chance for the players of the men’s and women’s basketball teams to get a tour and ask questions the architect’s job superintendent, Terry Coughlin, and of Bernie Waxman, FSU’s Assistant Athletic Director for Facility Planning, Operations and Event Management.

The players said…

“This is a very excellent facility,” junior Michael Joiner said. “Looking at it and from the description that Mr. Hart has given us, it’s like one of the best out there – it is the best out there. As far as the (practice) court itself, it’s better for the players for long-term effects on our joints and our knees. They (the administration) put a lot of time and dedication into the men’s and women’s basketball programs, hoping that we’ll eventually pull a championship out. I believe they’ve put a 110 percent more of a commitment into our program and I believe they have a lot of confidence in our teams.”

“I think the facility looks great,” junior Tasheika Morris said. “Coming from another university my first year in college, it looks like it will be the best facility I’ve ever played in. I’ve saw quite a few facilities when I was in high school going on visits and this is clearly state-of-the-art. It motivates me and just shows that basketball is important at this university.”

“It was very exciting,” freshman Tim Pickett said. “It’s like an NBA facility. I have never seen one like this. Everybody here is so excited, it’s making me excited. I’m looking forward to having a great season. I feel like we are on a new start and I think we are going to be pretty good this year.”

“It’s awesome,” freshman Holly Johnson said. “To come into something like this, a new facility in your freshman year, that’s pretty unique. Not many players get to do this. It’s unbelievable. Everything is even nicer than I expected. I saw some other locker rooms and facilities on my visits and this one is 10-times nicer than anything I saw. This just shows that FSU cares about its players and programs and that they (the administration) expect us to be top notch, competitive teams in the ACC and in the nation.”

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