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Seminoles Hold First Day Of Spring Football Practice

March 13, 2006

The Florida State football team held the first practice of the spring Monday afternoon in Tallahassee. The Seminoles worked out in shorts for 26 periods, spending most of the day on fundamentals within their segment. Per NCAA rules, FSU will practice again Tuesday afternoon in shorts, Wednesday in shells, and then go to full pads Friday with an off-day scheduled for Thursday. While the team mainly focused on the basics, the coaches did mix in some 7-on-7 pass skeleton scrimmaging. Drew Weatherford hit Chris Davis for a 40-yard gain down the sideline against Tony Carter, who bounced back on the next play and broke up a pass. Weatherford again hit Davis for 20 yards and later found Greg Carr, who reached over a defender for a 30-yard reception. J.R. Bryant had an interception off true freshman Christian Ponder while Geno Hayes and Toddrick Verdell added pass break-ups. The Seminoles will return to practice Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 p.m.


(on the first day)

“It was a good first day of practice. Don’t ask me how somebody looked because they are all in shorts. They’ve got so much to learn, especially the newcomers. I wasn’t disappointed in anything I saw.”

(on what he looks for in spring practice)

“It is exciting this time of year because you don’t have a ball game to worry about. It’s about spending time with the kids, and trying to teach them and watch them pick it up. You get to see who does and doesn’t pick it up and the ones who do get the upper hand.”

(on goals for the offense during spring)

“Offensively I want to run the ball, we’ve got to run the ball. You can’t run the ball if your offensive line’s not there, if they’re beat up. I think the best way for the offense to improve is to develop a better running game so that will be one of our big goals this spring.”


(on his personal goals for his first spring practice as the starting quarterback)

“I definitely need to work on protecting the ball. I didn’t do a very good job last year of protecting the football, I threw too many interceptions and that’s something I am trying to focus on this spring.”

(on what the offense will be focusing on during spring practice)

“We definitely have to be a lot more balanced next year. We didn’t really run the ball that effectively most of the year and that put a lot more pressure on our passing game. I feel like that caused us to not be as successful as we could have been.”

(on what it’s like to be one of the more experienced leaders on the team now)

“There are a lot of young guys on our football team, especially offensively, and we all get along really well and it’s finally our turn to go out there and make things happen. I feel like everybody’s looking forward to the opportunity and the challenge.”

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