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Seminoles Look Forward to Big Dance

Feb. 1, 2013

By Jonathan Schillace, Seminoles.com

The Softball team is nearing their season opener, with a goal to make it to the World Series. But the team is not only preparing for the season on the field, but also off…

“We decided to do a little show for all the fans,” says Tiffani Brown, “It’s to teach us to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. We want to be on the big stage and I do not think there is a bigger stage than performing half time at the FSU versus Duke men’s basketball game.”

The Seminoles will be showing off their moves in front of a sold out crowd in the Donald L. Tucker Center, but the dance didn’t come easy to everyone.

“I’m no dancer and I think a lot of us are like that, we’re pretty stiff,” says Maddie O’Brien, “But now that we have done it so many times it’s funny to see what comes out when you do it.”

And we’ll find out exactly what comes out when the final product is performed, but the Seminoles are hoping and cheering it’s not their last performance.

“We’re trying to get on Ellen, but a lot of us were talking about getting on the SportsCenter Top Ten,” says Maddie O’Brien, “We think that would be really cool to do. So the ultimate goal is Ellen and the Top Ten would be crazy if we got on that.”

Make sure to check out their performance at half time and not miss the action when they take the field this season starting February 8.

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