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Seminoles Look To Keep Momentum Going From Upset Win Over BC

Nov. 5, 2007

Tallahassee, Fla.Following an upset of second-ranked Boston College, you’d think the coaching staff would be glowing but after listening to Mickey Andrews and Jimbo Fisher on Monday it seems the Seminoles still have a lot to do before next Saturday. The first step in getting ready for the 11th-ranked Virginia Tech Hokies took place Monday night as the Seminoles worked for 10 periods in shorts on the band field. Following practice the team once again ran through the fourth quarter drill. Although Andrews wouldn’t say what factor it played in the win over BC, he sure liked the results this past weekend.



  • The ACC announced today that the Seminoles’ game versus Maryland will kick-off at 12:00 p.m. and be broadcast by Lincoln Financial Sports.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden
Daron Rose is the only one who looks like he might be out this week.  There are several of them limping but I don’t think he’ll be able to go.  He worked out but he did not practice.  The rest of them look like they will be unless something happens this week in practice.” 

On the rest of the schedule
“We have another task.  The last of our schedule is much tougher competition than what we faced down the road.  There can not be any kind of let up or we won’t make it.  Tonight they responded good.  They’ve got to do it everyday.”
On Antone Smith
“He’s got good hands.  His blocking was better last week and of course catching the ball.  He’s got real good hands, thank goodness.  He’s been able to help us that way.”
On Geno Hayes
“He’s had a good year so far.  His whole thing is if he can stay healthy.  The guy is a player.” 
On Rodney Hudson
“It’s been a while (since a freshman played so well on the offensive line).  Jamie Dukes started every game he was here.  He started every game as a freshman and he played well.  Pat Tomberlin, the same way.  It’s comparable, I imagine.”
Punter Graham Gano
“The first one (of his two 60+ yard punts), I think it was like 61, I thought I hit it real bad.  I thought it was going end over end.  I knew the wind was behind my back on that and I knew if I hit it pretty solid it was going to go.  Luckily, they’re return didn’t catch it so it kept on bouncing.”
On his increased distance this season
“I think it’s just the flexibility.  Last year my steps were too long on kicks.  I compacted those.  My friend from Auburn, he was watching on TV, he’s the kickoff guy up there and even he said my steps were too long.  Well, I guess it’s true so I changed that up.  Flexibility is the main thing.”
On Gary Cismesia handling the squib kicks
“One major thing is that they keep the other team in they’re toes so they don’t know what to expect.  He (Gary) can kick it just as far and sometimes he kicks different kicks better than I do so they don’t know what to expect with that.” 
Linebacker Geno Hayes
“We go back and looked at our tapes and the amount of mistakes we did make.  We are going to look over them, improve on them and get them better and keep our confidence level up and go into Virginia Tech with the mindset that were are coming to win.”
“We have a conscious thought that we are Florida State and we are back on the rise.  We are trying to get to the point where we were back in the old days.” 
“That’s big for any team that goes in a beats a top ranked team – the next game is always gong to be the biggest one to show that the last game wasn’t a fluke.  We have to go into the next game with the same mindset.” 
“Virginia Tech is a very good team, very tough, physical and they are going to have a lot of weapons on their side.  Overall they are a good team.” 

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