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Seminoles Practice In Doak Campbell For 24 Periods Wednesday

Aug. 27, 2008

Tallahassee, FL – Wednesday’s Seminole practice looked like a normal practice that had been run through a blender. Earlier in the day there was lightning in the Tallahassee area, once practice time came and the lightning subsided, the coaches jumped straight to period 14 and after they reached 24, the team went back to the start. When all was said and done, the team got through all 24 periods with no delays.



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·          Zach Hobby made 4-of-5 attempts with his longest coming from 43 yards. 


·          Team worked on kickoff and kickoff return.


·          Practice started on period 1, then went straight to 14 through 24 then back to period 2 through 12


·          Periods 14-16 were 7-on-7 drills


·          Periods 17-18 were 7-on-7 inside drills

·          Big play was a 15-yard rush up the middle for a touchdown by D’Vontrey Richardson


·          Period 19 was pass skeleton

·          Big plays in pass skeleton included a 35-yard completion by Christian Ponder to Greg Carr and a 30-yard completion from Richardson to Jermaine Thomas


·          Period 20 was situational


·          Periods 21-22 were 11-on-11

·          Big play in 11-on-11 was a 10-yard touchdown pass from Drew Weatherford to Corey Surrency.  Surrency went up high over a defender in the back corner of the endzone for the touchdown.


·          Periods 23-24 were 11-on-11 short yardage situations

·          Big plays was a quarterback sack by Kendrick Stewart and a touchdown pass from Weatherford to Greg Carr


·          Period 8 began with pass skeleton

·          Big plays were a 40-yard completion from Weatherford to Carr and a 30-yard completion from Richardson to Surrency, 


·          Period 10 continued with 11-on-11

·          Big play was a 35-yard touchdown pass from Christian Ponder to Rod Owens




Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

Opening statement:

“This is the first time we practiced in the heat. Today we got out and it got hot. We could tell our kids got wilted about half way through practice. It is very obvious we could play in a ball game about this hot.”


On Dunbar’s injury:

“I would hate to see it to anybody. You don’t know the extent of it, but we know he is in good hands right now.”


What does the Dunbar injury  do depth wise:

“Somebody has to step up. All you can do is for someone to step up, probably some freshman if we can keep them healthy.”



Associate Head Coach Mickey Andrews:

On the difficulty Coach Haggins will go through now after Dunbar’s injury:

“Somebody else has got to play now. Someone else is going to line up there, it may be Myron Rolle but someone will be there.”


Defensive Tackle Paul Griffin:

On today’s practice:

“The other guys are looking pretty good but we got to get ready to play. We had a man get hurt today, but that should be more motivation for those other guys to get ready to play.”


On defensive lineman as a group:

“We are coming along great. We are just getting all the guys ready. Everyone has to step up and get ready.”


Defensive getting fired up and excited:

“The game is like a week away. The boys have to get ready and play. We got to encourage the younger players. Everyone is getting fired up and getting ready.”


Younger guys going to step up for the game:

“Moses McCray and Everette Dawkins, those two freshmen are going to have to play. We have just been trying to encourage them more and more so they get their technique down, get their responsibility and get ready to play.”


On the defense’s work ethic:

“I think were doing great. The guys are working hard. We’re conditioning hard, but that’s one thing we need to work on a little bit more: conditioning. By game time, the guys will be ready and everyone is going to come ready to play.”


Defensive Tackle Kendrick Stewart:

Mood in practice when Dunbar got hurt:

“Everyone was really scared but you can’t just sit there. You have to practice because you got a game coming up. He is in our prayers but we got to keep fighting through and get ready for the game.”


Punter Graham Gano

On if he can be back before 4-6 weeks

“That’s what I’m hoping, we’re trying. I’m walking already after a week so that’s really positive.”


On the possibility of playing against Western Carolina

“At first it was 4-6 weeks and that was the goal.  I’m just trying to get back before that.”


On the surgery

“It was a complete success. They looked in there and said it was better than they thought it would be, the tear was smaller than what they thought.”


QB Christian Ponder

On his throwing arm

“It felt pretty good today, it started off a little sore in the beginning, but it’s something you have to work through, warm up a little bit and then it’s fine after.”


On how much the quarterbacks throw during the season

“I think you definitely throw less than you do during two-a-days.  During that whole span you’re throwing 80 balls a practice and sometimes twice a day so I think once you get through two-a-days you try to rest and you don’t throw as much.  That will give me a little bit more time to recover and get better.”


On the decision to pick a quarterback

“It would help a little bit to get a little pressure off if he [Jimbo Fisher] named somebody, but right now you can’t really think about that, you have to go at it everyday 100% and as hard as you can like you’re the starter and if I’m not named the starter I have to come back to practice and try to win that job. It would relieve a little bit of tension if he named somebody but right now it doesn’t really matter up until the first ballgame.”


On today’s practice

“I think the heat might have gotten to us a little bit. Every two-a-day it wasn’t even warm, this was probably the hottest day it’s been since the start of practice. I think it was a good thing it happened to get back in shape a little bit, I think the last couple of days of hurt us a little bit and we have to get back in shape. I think today was the first day we started doing Western Carolina stuff and I think that went pretty well.”


WR Preston Parker

On today’s practice

“We did alright we pushed through. We scrimmaged today first, we just practiced backwards, adjusted and it came out well.”


On the quarterbacks

“The quarterbacks are coming up, they’re competing for the job and they know the games almost here. I have to give a shout out to D’Vontrey Richardson because he’s stepped up since my freshman year when we came in together, but he did a great job. He’s learning the plays and coming along well.”


On the receivers:

“We have a lot of youth and upperclassmen, but altogether we have a lot of talent and we just have to put that talent to use and communicate together and help each other on the field during games and practices and we’ll be good.”


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