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Seminoles Projected To Win First NCAA Indoor Championship By Trackwire

Jan. 17, 2007

Trackwire’s national Division I track and field rankings were released on January 16 on TrackShark.com. The men of Florida State start the 2007 indoor season off in the No. 1 position with a predicted 56 points ahead of Arkansas’ 48 points. The rankings make the Seminoles contenders for the first indoor national championship in FSU program history.

“It’s always exciting to be ranked as the top team in the country and we’ll try and live up to that,” head coach Bob Braman said. “I honestly anticipated that we would be more of an outdoor track team, but early results have shown that we can be in the battle for the indoor title as well.”

The first Trackwire rankings of the 2006 indoor season placed Florida State in the second spot with 53 points just behind Arkansas with 54. The Seminoles finished in third place last year at the NCAA indoor championships which was the highest in school history. This year the tables have not only turned in the rankings, but the predicted margin of victory has increased from one point to eight in favor of the garnet and gold.

“I see this year as very balanced with several teams having a chance to win,” Braman said. “So it’s way too early to get too carried away.”

Florida State’s track and fields teams will split up for the next indoor meets as one group will head to Clemson, SC for the Clemson Heptathlon while the other travel back to The Swamp for the UF Diet Pepsi Challenge.

For more information about Trackwire’s rankings, please visit them at www.trackwire.com.

Trackwire 25 Men:

1. Florida State, 56; 2. Arkansas, 48; 3. Wisconsin, 40; 4. Texas, 39; 5. Oregon, 26; 6. Baylor, 24; 7. Auburn, 23; 8. Florida, 22; 9. Nebraska, 17; 10. Louisville, 16; =11. Washington, 15; =11. South Carolina, 15; =13. Clemson, 14; =13. UTEP, 14; =13. Texas A&M, 14; 16. UCLA, 13; 17. Tennessee, 12; =18. Arizona State, 11; =18. Texas Tech, 11; =18. Oklahoma, 11; =18. Liberty, 11; =22. Northern Arizona, 10; =22. Stanford, 10; =22. Kansas, 10; =22. Maryland, 10.

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