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Seminoles Put Final Touches On Game Plan For Chattanooga

Sept. 11, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – The Seminole football team went through its last practice before facing its second straight Southern Conference opponent this Saturday. Thursday afternoon the team practiced almost the entire day versus UTC scout teams. The 15 period practice was run in shorts and jerseys as is customary on Thursdays.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening statement:

“We’ve done about everything we can do to get ready for the game.”


On any changes on either side of the football

“I don’t think so. I think it’s about the same.  We interchange so dog-gone much that I could give you a starting line-up and the coaches go with a different formation, all of a sudden you have three different guys in there.” 


On the offensive line

“Of course, you have (Ryan) McMahon will be in there and (Rodney) Hudson would play center if he got hurt. We have been working Furling in there.  Furlong snapped the ball pretty good today and I was very glad about that.”


Did the week of practice finish off well?

“Yea, they picked it up a little bit yesterday and today was a pretty good day.”


Offensive Tackle Joe Tonga

On the difference of playing at FBS:

“Junior college was different just because we ran a spread (offense) and we didn’t run the ball too much.  We never really zone stepped.  We worked on our half placement first – our first step half placement technique.  Coach Trickett works without big changes.” 


What has been your toughest adjustment to Florida State?

“The humidity.  I was in California and I came one week before camp started.  I can play in the heat but I have never played in humidity before so it’s something that is brand new to me.  I am starting to adapt to it.” 


How much of the offense have you grasped?

“From when I first came? A lot.  I have grasped a lot and progressed…there is still a lot to go and still a lot to learn.  I’m trying to take each day at a time and each play at a time. 


Where did you grow up?
“Actually, I was born here (in the United States).  My parents moved from Tonga so I am first generation.  I have lived in the U.S. my whole life.” 


How did you get connected with Florida State?

“Coach Trickett.  He contacted my head coach in February.  And it just took off from there.  I am happy that I came.  I am real excited and I am just glad that coach Trickett took the chance with me to bring me out here.  I am just happy to be here.”


Running back Antone Smith:

His feelings for the upcoming game and getting more playing time:

“I’m looking forward to this game. They will be a little tougher then Western Carolina. I’m just going to go out there and run the ball.”


If the coaches have told him about how many touches he will get:

“They never give us any idea. It is all about how good our performance is and how fast we put up points and help our team out.”


If he is 100% healthy:

“I am actually 100% healthy. I’m hoping to stay like this.”


What he has seen of Carlton Jones:

“He is handling it pretty well. He is just like Tavares. You have to be able to overcome adversity. They have had to get in the training room and get better. We just have to work on catching the balls and making some plays.”


On how Jermaine Thomas did in his first game:

“It was real good. Just to have someone else come in and step in for me was good. The future Florida State is going to be good with Carlton, Tavares and Jermaine next year. Those three are going to be good running backs for Florida State next year.”


If he has a better team backing him up this year in comparison to last year:

“I had some good guys last year. These coaches are good so they will get these guys where they need to be. These guys will step in and get their assignments right.”


His feelings on the game last week:

“I feel I did pretty well. It has only been one game and we have eleven more to go so I’m not worried about not getting that many minutes in against Western Carolina. From the process stand point, I did pretty well.”


Whether the team will lean more on him than the others:

“The guys don’t really come up to me. The coaches are the ones that make the calls. I’m going to try to be as productive as I can.”

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