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Seminoles Return To Practice Field After Clemson Game

Sept. 4, 2007

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                TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida State football team returned to practice field this afternoon following Monday night’s game at Clemson in its 2007 season opener.  The Seminoles practiced in shorts for eight periods under the watchful eyes of head coach Bobby Bowden – the winningest coach in major college football history.  The team worked on correcting mistakes from its game against the Tigers and began implementing its game plan for Saturday’s game against UAB.  The Seminoles’ game against the Blazers is scheduled for a 5:00 p.m. start and will be broadcast on ESPNU.


Injury Report from the Clemson game

Mister Alexander (left knee)
Head coach Bobby Bowden
“They (UAB) played last week against Michigan State and had their hands full with them.  Of course, they are like us, when you play a team like that that’s good you learn what your weaknesses are.  You learn what your kinds don’t know that you thought they did and things like that.  So, there will be an improvement.”
(on Marcus Ball)
“He’s doing good and inconsistent; missed some tackles the other night like a lot of them did.  He probably got off to a slow start because of the injury.” 
(does the defense have something to prove against UAB?)
“We’ve got something to prove every time we go out there and that’s to get better and to make plays like we are supposed to make plays.” 
Offensive Lineman David Overmyer

(on the Clemson loss)
“I don’t think it was the system; we just didn’t execute and communicate.  That was the big problem.  We just didn’t communicate and execute.  We were prepared for everything they did and we went over it in practice.  We knew what to do.  Maybe the fact that we had three new starters in there experience-wise – you can do it out here in practice but when it comes to game speed it’s a whole different ball game.  Repetition of doing things and seeing stuff; it’s probably a little bit easier for me because I’ve played a few ball games here.  I’ve seen all the stunts and all the blitzes they are going to send so maybe it was a little easier for me to pick up.  Once we settled down a little bit we did some good things out there.  We didn’t finish and we didn’t execute as well as we should have.” 
(what gave the offensive line trouble against Clemson?)
“We didn’t know where our help was coming from.  That was the biggest thing.  On that fourth-and-10 we tripled teamed the nose when we should have had a guard out on the end helping the left tackle.  We didn’t know where our help was – that was a communication thing.  Too many missed assignments.  We are capable of doing it, we know how good we can be – it’s just a matter of doing it.  We need to bounce back this week, work hard in practice tomorrow; it’s a quick turnaround and take it on to UAB.”
(did you guys feel better as the day progressed?)
“Definitely.  Once we settled down, that first quarter might have been the worst quarter of football I have ever been a part of.  The second quarter we started settling down.  There was always one player that didn’t do something right.  On defense, one player screws up nobody knows; but one offense screws up the whole thing is over with.  It just seemed like one player on this play, one player on this next play – at all positions – it wasn’t just the offensive line it was everywhere.  You have to make those corrections and get back out there.”
Linebacker Marcus Ball
“We are going to practice hard these next couple of days; there are only two or three days that we have to go out there.  We have to finish the whole game.  It was embarrassing losing the game last night – it was an embarrassing performance.”
Cornerback Tony Carter
(what do you take out of last night’s game against Clemson?)
“I think coming out and being ready to play.  They were a lot more focused and a lot more ready to play than we were.  It seemed like both units were down.  We gave up two plays and they didn’t make any plays.  Both units were down in the beginning.  The coaches gave us an enthusiastic speech at halftime.  We went out and tried to come from behind but we just couldn’t catch up.  I don’t think we played up to our potential in the beginning.  We had some good players missing tackles and they had good players running the ball.  We just fell like we didn’t play up to our potential in the first half.  We
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