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Seminoles’ Robinson Takes Notes On The Football Sideline

Aug. 31, 2000

by Steve Ellis
Tallahassee Democrat

Florida State had one more coach than usual on the sidelines
Saturday night, but Brigham Young couldn’t cry foul.

Basketball coach Steve Robinson made it down to the field late in
the third quarter to observe Bobby Bowden and his staff. He studied
as the Seminole offense struggled late and watched the organization of the
different segments as they went in and out of the game. He came away
impressed, and not just by FSU’s 29-3 victory.

“I was more of an observer of people and how they do things,”
Robinson said. “I watched the game within the game. Sitting in the stands
you don’t see and can’t see all that is going on the sidelines. The
sidelines can be hectic, but it had a flow and organization to it.

“I watched more as a coach. Listening to the guys on the bench,
what they were saying, what their response is. I don’t think coach Bowden
ever changes his facial expression very much during the course of the
whether things are going well (or not).

It was all interesting … but I was also worried about getting run
over. It was real neat to get down there on the field and see the inner

The sideline experience was part of Robinson’s first road trip with
the FSU football team since his arrival at FSU in 1997. He participated in
two golf functions, including one at the TPC Stadium Course in
Jacksonville, where he made par on the No. 17 island green. He also
participated in all the Seminole Boosters events.

“I had a blast,” he said. “I think a lot of people had a chance
to see me in a different light, and that part was just as important as
of it – interacting with people and not being in a work mode.”

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