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Seminoles Senior Week

Jan. 12, 2010

The Seminoles are two days away from their Senior Day meet against Virginia. Get to know the senior class a little better in this four part series.


Kylsie Grimes

Last song played on your iPod? Evacuate the Dance Floor

Dream vacation? England

If you weren’t swimming/diving at FSU, what would you be doing? Dancing in a music video

Which reality TV show/game could you win? Wipeout

Your words to live by… Smile because you never know who is falling in love with it

What it means to you to be a Seminole? Part of a life-long family. Pride in what I do. It means the world to be a Seminole.


Jen Guyler

What was the last movie you saw? Happy Gilmore

First job? The candyman’s assistant

Favorite team tradition? Secret psychers

Favorite spot on campus? My sister’s dorm

Person I’d like to be for a day? Superman

What it means to you to be a Seminole? I love being a Seminole and part of a big Seminole family.


Katie Sirounis

Favorite food? I love food! Mac n cheese/ BBQ chicken pizza

Talent I would most like to have? Sing

One thing I can’t live without… cell phone

On average I send 200 text messages a day.

How do you get ready for a match? Get in the hot tub

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