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Seminoles Spend 20 Periods Working In Shells On Wednesday

Oct. 24, 2007

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Tallahassee, Fla.The Seminole football team continued to prep for Duke Wednesday afternoon with a 20 period practice. FSU worked out in shells and spent most of the day going against the scout team.





Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Injury update

Greg Carr will get the cast taken off his wrist – it was a sprained wrist.  We’ll tape it up Saturday and hopefully it’ll be ok.  Emmanuel (Dunbar) is ok but he hit his head in practice on Monday and he got a slight concussion; he might be questionable.  Budd Thacker is ok, his ankle is getting better. Andre Fluellen is in a tough situation with a hurt hand.  We use our hands so much and he can’t use his right one.  I’m not sure what that means. He may be able to play on Saturday.”


On where Drew Weatherford is now compared to the beginning of the season 

“He hasn’t missed a practice and he’s done everything that we need him to do.  I think he’s pretty confident.  The thing is, he has beaten Duke before, he has beaten Maryland and Boston College, he’s beaten Virginia Tech.  At least you’ve got that, you’ve done it before.”


On what the team has worked on this week following how the defense looked against Miami

“We’ve just worked hard.  We’ve had a pretty hard week of practice and we just have to get better.  That’s so unlike us in the past, it’s been sneaking up on us and I hope we do better.


“We used to the [fourth quarter drills] before practice, now we do them afterwards just to put emphasis on the fourth quarter.”


On the penalty problems over the last few weeks

“They really have been a problem.  That has been a history at Florida State too.  We work on it as much as anyone does.  The kids just have to quit making them; they have to quit repeating their mistakes.”


On whether the penalties are a question of focus

“That is a question of focus.  You just have to stay focused. You have to say `I must not do that’.  The last ballgame is the last time I can remember this happening; the special teams didn’t get a single penalty.  You always get a block in the back or roughing the punter or lining up off sides.  They didn’t get a single daggum penalty.”   


On whether the team is feeling discouraged following two close ACC losses

“They have really worked hard.  They’re still bright-eyed out in practice and I thought we had a very peppy practice today.  We just need to execute, execute, execute.  Cut you penalties in half and cut your errors in half.  We only missed eight tackles against Miami, but cut the errors out.  They’ve got to focus every week.”


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