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Seminoles Spend Veteran’s Day Installing Gameplan For Showdown With BC

Nov. 11, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – The Seminole football players had the day off from school due to Veteran’s Day but that mini-vacation did not extend to the practice fields. The 19th-ranked Seminoles worked out for 22 periods in shorts and shoulder pads as the work week got underway for the Boston College game. Saturday’s game will be a split national telecast as part of ABC’s Saturday Night Football.



·          Most of practice was spent with both the offense and defense working versus scout teams.

·          1-on-1 began at midfield and the only break-up was turned in by E.J. Manuel connected on passes to Cameron Wade, Bert Reed, Taiwan Easterling and Preston Parker. D’Vontrey Richardson also hooked up with Parker and Rod Owens.

·          When 1-on-1 moved inside the 20 Garvin and Dionte Allen broke up potential TD passes. Drew Weatherford found Reed, Jarmon Fortson, Corey Surrency and Louis Givens. The biggest play of the drill was turned in by Parker who pulled in a one-handed grab from Manuel in the back corner of the endzone where he managed to get one foot in bounds.

·          In pass rush Moses McCray was the big winner with four sacks. Everette Brown, Markus White, Kendrick Stewart and Neefy Moffett got to the QB twice and Justin Mincey got into the backfield as well. Rodney Hudson and Ryan McMahon were the only multiple winners for the offense. Antwane Greenlee, Joe Tonga, A.J. Ganguzza and Brandon Davis also had wins.

·          In skeleton, Christian Ponder found Surrency once and then had two completions to Greg Carr, Easterling and Parker. One of the completions to Parker was on a deep ball. Weatherford hit Surrency, Ja’Baris Little, Wade and Givens once each. He also hit Rod Owens twice and one completion featured a great run after the catch. Tony Carter and Patrick Robinson broke up passes.

·          Pass break-ups were the bi story in 11-on-11. Patrick Robinson had two, Jamie Robinson and Korey Mangum each had one as well. Neefy Moffett had a sack and a QB pressure. There were only two highlights for the offense and one was a completion from Ponder to Surrency and the other was Weatherford going to Owens.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening statement:

“I think everybody practice today. I was concerned about (Jermaine) Thomas but he practiced. So that was a good sign. You’re lucky sometimes and sometimes you’re not lucky. There are teams right now probably beat up badly and we’ve had those days too but so far we’ve been fortunate, very fortunate.”


On BC picking off passes:

“Well, they’ve got a good front four, no doubt about it. Their two tackles, probably the best two tackles we’ll play to date. They put a lot of pressure coming up inside.  Their big, big defensive ends, they put a pretty nice squeeze on you. You’ve got to mix the running game in there, you can’t turn those guys loose all of the time. And then they play a defense which is susceptive to interceptions.  In other words, more zone and if they blitz, it’s usually a zone blitz where they’re still playing a zone behind it.  And so, they’re all facing the ball so you get an errant pass, they’re right on it. I can see why they intercept it a lot.”


On if BC’s defensive scheme is similar to Wake Forest’s defense scheme:

“Yes. It’s a different alignment but the zone is much the same. We have to execute.  A team like that gives you things. You can have a little hook out there but you better not miss it. We must protect the passer and then execute and then get a running game going where they can’t just t-off on the passer.”


On the difference with the offense since the Wake Forest game:

“Well, you started off with three freshman and two sophomores and now they’ve got nine games under their belt. They’re young and young people are supposed to improve. Now, if they were seniors, you could see that you got all you can get out of them and you can’t get anymore. They still have got a lot ahead of them and I feel very good about them coming up.


“Game plans don’t change, it’s your blocking. You block good one week, you do good. You block bad, you do bad.  It’s not like you change a lot of plays but we do vary a little bit. We put a wrinkle here and a wrinkle there and we’ll do that again this week too but 85 percent of it is the same every week. You’ve got to execute it, you’ve got to execute it.”


RB Antone Smith

On the differences between the shotgun and the I formation:

“The best thing about I formation is you get the two things developed right before you because you’re coming straight toward it. On the shotgun you have to play it as it goes. I like the I formation because I ran more of it in high school. I love the I formation, when I get in shotgun, it’s kind of like ‘okay’, but over the last two years I kind of got acclimated to it a little better and getting better as we go.”


On the running game for Florida State and where it starts:

“Basically the offensive line, the offensive line has been giving us those great breaks we need. They have been making those little small creases. Me, Jermaine (Thomas) and Ty (Jones) been taking advantages of those, even the quarterback has been taking advantage of some of the holes they have been given. You got a great running attack and you’re hoping to get some of those holes on the outside eight to ten yards, those open up a lot more for the running. We’ve been doing a great job with just throwing and passing, but for the most part probably been doing more running then anything else. We’ve just got to keep moving the ball. The offensive line has been doing a great job.”


DE Dekoda Watson

On Boston College’s freshmen running backs:

“From what I hear, they are real good. From what I’ve seen, they really have been proving it out there on the field. The quarterback (Chris) Crane, he’s a heck of a player, too. I don’t think he can match Matt Ryan, he’s not at Matt Ryan’s level right now, but he definitely can do that. He’s really big, he’s agile for his size, he’s just a heck of a player.”


On what Chris Crane does differently then Matt Ryan:

“They kind of put us in a mind of NC State. The main thing, you just have to be disciplined. You have to really watch out for the run on the side. The quarterback really can do some things to us. Not only him but the running backs so we gonna have to be disciplined all over. That’s with any team really. It’s really with any team. We just gonna have to come out there and be ready to play.”


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