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Seminoles Will Try To Send Seniors Out With A Win Versus Terps

Nov. 13, 2007

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Tallahassee, Fla.The FSU football team practiced for 20 periods Tuesday as the team started to put in its game plan for Maryland. The Terrapins (5-5, 2-4) are coming off a big upset of No. 8 Boston College and need one more victory to become bowl eligible. The Seminoles (6-4, 3-4) are playing for their seventh win for the 25th consecutive season and to also send their 23 seniors off with a victory.





Head Coach Bobby Bowden
Opening statement:

“Antone (Smith) came out today, I don’t think (Russell) Ball will be ready but I think the other two tailbacks will be, I hope, be okay. Nothing real serious about them. I think they were better today then they were yesterday. See if can get them some work tomorrow. They just ran across the field, all the problems are in the shoulders, I think it’s just a bruise, how severe I don’t know.”  

On quarterback Drew Weatherford:

“Looked good, looked good yesterday. Hope he’s okay, seemed to be okay. I think the doctor’s will have to really watch that (the concussion). They’re usually conservative on something about that. If he had one five years ago, that’s one thing.”  


On how to make progress:

“Well all we can do is watch our kids and see if they’re getting better, see if they’re playing harder, that’s what we do. We’re making progress; we’d like to eliminate errors.”


On who they are working at running back:

“Working D’Vo (D’Vontrey Richardson) and (Seddrick) Holloway, who’s a fullback. Working him some just incase, Pat Davis. I’d be surprised if those other two aren’t ready to go by Saturday, I’d be surprised. It had nothing to do with their legs. Emmitt Smith would play, I’ve seen him play beat to a pulp; he’d line up every Saturday.”


CB Tony Carter:

On the deep passes versus the D:

“It’s late in the season, you kind of lose technique as the season goes on, practice gets routine. You have to get back to the basics of things you did during two-a-days. We’re been working hard on finishing the plays and going up high and getting the ball and making the plays with them.”


On if the change is mental or physical:

“A little bit of both because you go out there and you’re used to playing a certain kind of way. Once they catch one it’s like, `what did I do wrong?’ and then you start to thing about things. It’s mostly physical, doing small things across the line. Once you get beat one time then it’s kind of in your mind even though people say forget it, it’s still in your mind.”


On what to change at the physical aspect:

“Moving your feet a little bit more and being more disciplined with your eyes because I know sometimes as a corner I have a tendency of maybe looking in the back field or looking at the quarterback when I’m supposed to have my eyes on a man. It’s just playing with your feet and your eyes a little bit more.”   

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