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Senior Salute

Oct. 13, 2012

TALLAHASSSEE, Fla. – On Sunday afternoon inside the Seminole Soccer Complex, the Florida State women’s soccer team will honor the seven members of this year’s Senior Class before the start of the match against Virginia. Match time against the Cavaliers is set for 1:00 p.m. and will air live on ESPN3.

The 2012 Senior Class includes Tiana Brockway (Tacoma, Wash.), Dria Hampton (Piedmont, Okla.), Ines Jaurena (Charenton le Pont, France), Tiffany McCarty (Laurel, Md.), Jessica Price (Libertyville, Ill.), Casey Short (Naperville, Ill.) and Taylor Vancil (Youngsville, N.C.).

This year’s senior class has made four consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances including four trips to the Elite Eight and a College Cup appearance in 2011. They have played in two ACC Championship games in 2009 and 2011 – earning the school’s first ACC regular season title in 2009 and winning the school’s first league title in 2011. The group has compiled an NCAA Tournament record of 13-4 since 2008, while posting a career record to date of 83-21-6, good for an overall winning percentage of .782.

With a 6-0-0 record in the ACC this year, this senior class extended the streak of posting a .500 record or better in league play to 12 straight years. Since 2008, this senior class has gone 33-10-3 in the ACC (.750 winning percentage).

Here are a few thoughts and memories from this year’s senior class:

Q: Describe your most memorable play or goal during your time at Florida St.?
TIANA: My most memorable goal was last year in the first round of the NCAA Tournament when we were playing Samford. I dribbled the ball from center back, beat a defender, and scored far post with my left foot. It was the most technical goal I have ever scored here at FSU and I was even complemented by Eric Bell.
DRIA: When I scored my first goal in the Clemson game.
INES: It would have to be between the one against Miami (3-2 ended 4-2) last year and the one against Virginia in the Elite 8 last year (1-0 ended 3-0).
TIFFANY: My most memorable goal was last year against Virginia. It was a breakaway goal. It was a very exciting game and it helped us get into the College Cup. I remember that the most because it was my first College Cup.
JESSICA: My most memorable goal was in 2009 in the Sweet 16 versus Texas A&M. It was late in the game, it was overtime, and Tiff played the ball down the line. I beat two defenders and slipped the ball on the ground passed the goalie for the golden goal.
CASEY: My most memorable play was my sophomore year when we played Texas A&M in the tournament. We were down 1-0 and I assisted the tying goal to Lauren Switzer in the Sweet 16.
TAYLOR: My most memorable moment was when Tiff scored against Wake Forest in the ACC Championship last year.

Q: With all the trips that you have taken during your time in Tallahassee which one was your favorite and why?
TIANA: My favorite trip was our trip to Portland, Ore., that we took last year. I was able to see my younger brother, Brandon, play in one of his games during his freshman year at Oregon State University and my mom was able to come and watch one of our games.
DRIA: I enjoyed the Minnesota and Marquette trip because it was my first two games playing for Florida State and we won both games (technically just one)! It was exciting because I felt like a freshman again since it was my first game playing for Florida State.
INES: The one to Boston because I discovered a great city with nice weather and everyone was acting funny and happy to be around each other.
TIFFANY: When we went to Disney World this year. It was a lot of fun. I actually haven’t been since I was six years old and didn’t remember it. Just walking around, going on rides was a lot of fun. We felt like little kids.
JESSICA: I think my favorite trip is always when we go to Boston or Maryland because it’s during the fall and the leaves are changing. It kind of reminds me of home a little bit because we don’t get the seasons here in Tallahassee. It’s nice, cool and crisp outside. It’s my favorite kind of weather.
CASEY: U-20 World Cup in 2010 was pretty memorable because I went to Germany with former teammate Toni Pressley and had an experience of a lifetime. But also last year, even though I was unable to play, being able to experience going through the College Cup was pretty memorable and makes me want to go back that much more.
TAYLOR: Last year when we went to North Carolina for the Duke and Wake Forest game where we got to go to my house. It was great to hang out with my teammates and visit my home.

Q: Where do you see yourself on October 14, 2022, 10 years from now?
TIANA: Ten years from now I see myself graduated from FSU law school, practicing law in a law firm in either California or Florida, married with two children, living in a house with a view, and driving a black Range Rover. Yeah, I dream big!
DRIA: Coaching club or college for my dad somewhere. Married with two children and lots of dogs, living wherever my family is because I want to stay close to my family always!
INES: Living in Spain all settled with at least one child, having a great job and be the owner of a house in Chamonix, a flat in Paris.
TIFFANY: Retired from soccer, married, have kids, maybe adopt some kids as well, and living the life with my family.
JESSICA: In 10 years I see myself married with at least one child, involved in some professional sport organization using my sport psychology degree.
CASEY: Hopefully had a soccer career and starting a law career after going to law school. I would like to think I would be married by then, starting a family, and living in the greatest city in the world – Naperville, Ill.
TAYLOR: I’m not sure where I’ll be in three months, but in 10 years I’ll hopefully be married and still doing something I love every day.

Q: What is the best piece of advice that you will leave to your teammates?
TIANA: Enjoy each moment. Take each situation as an opportunity to learn and grow instead of viewing each as a set back or a road block. Challenge yourself. Do not be defined by what you have already accomplished instead define yourself by the lack of restrictions you have set for your goals. Don’t be discouraged when dreaming; anything is within your grasps. You have four years at FSU to grow as an athlete and as an individual.
DRIA: Work as hard as you can every day you step on the field and don’t let anyone or anything define you and who you are. Hold your head high because you know that when you lay your head down at night you gave it everything you had every day!
INES: Learn to fight for each other than the victories will come.
TIFFANY: Get the most out of this experience as you can whether it is on or off the field. I think that sometimes people walk away from college and they wish they would have done this, tried more in class, done more on the field. You don’t want to leave here with that kind of regret because you can’t get four years back of your life. I would say to get everything that you want to get out of it and achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.
JESSICA: Take the time to establish relationships with different people on your team and off your team. There are so many opportunities to learn about different people and cultures. Enjoy yourself, enjoy your time here, and learn more about what you have to offer.
CASEY: Appreciate every moment because it’s over before you know it.
TAYLOR: My best advice is that you’ll have your highs and lows, and you may not always be out on the field but you can never lose a positive attitude. Keep on fighting and put the effort in to get better.

Q: If there was one item/quality (tangible or not) that you could leave behind, what would it be and who would you leave it to?
TIANA: I plan to leave my hair braiding abilities to Dagny so that she will be able to braid Kristin Grubka’s hair before every game since I won’t be here to do that. I also leave Grubka my motto of look good, feel good, play good.
INES: My happy/celebrating jump to Kristin Grubka.
TIFFANY: I wouldn’t leave anything to anyone in particular just the team in general, some words of wisdom. Cherish the experiences that you have. You never know when it can be taken away from you so just enjoy yourself.
JESSICA: I would leave my singing ability to Jamia Fields because she needs a little help in that area.
CASEY: I’d leave my swag to the leader of the Twerkk Team, Jamia Fields, because she could use a little bit. (For those wondering Twerkk is a competitive dance team created by members of the soccer team).
TAYLOR: I leave my cooking skills to my mentee Kirsten Crowley to connect and bring the team together off the field.
CASEY/TIANA (again): Both will leave their soccer tennis, horseshoes and most importantly long ball abilities to Kristin Grubka and Jamia Fields.


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