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Shooting Baskets With Seminole Newcomer Tim Pickett

Oct. 15, 2002

Tim Pickett was a consensus top-50 national junior college recruit and earned National Junior College Athletic Association All-Region VIII honors last season. He was named the 2002 Most Valuable Player at Indiana River Community College as he averaged 21.0 points and 6.1 rebounds in leading the team to within one game of the National Junior College National Tournament in Hutchinson, Kan. In helping the Pioneers reach the Florida Community College Activities Association (FCCAA) championship game, Pickett was named to the All-Tournament team. He sat down with seminoles.com and talked about the start of practice, the Seminoles’ new Basketball Training Facility and what he most enjoys about being a student at Florida State.

What Are Your Thoughts On The First Three Days Of Practice?
“The first three days of practice were what I would call very educational. Everybody learned a lot of new things and we are all trying to learn Coach Hamilton’s system, which is new to every member of the team. The coaches are going to teach us a lot during the first few days of practice and we have to concentrate extremely hard in practice to learn what the coaching staff is trying to get across to us. The coaches want everybody to learn what they are teaching us in order for us to be able to have smooth flowing practices. The coaches are very demanding and they want us to go 110 percent during each and every drill and we, as players, respect that very much. Every time you give 100 percent you not only make yourself better, but you help make your team better. One of our goals is to mature as a unit and improve as players and a team each day.”

Is Practice Harder Or Easier Than Your Thought It Would Be?
“Practices have been hard but each one of the players on this team expected our practices to be hard. I am the type of player that loves challenges and practice has definitely been challenging so far. The coaching staff wants to challenge us each day because they want to test us to see what our strengths and weaknesses are. I don’t think we are even to that point because is it so early in the practice season. I feel the coaching staff is giving us a feel for how we need to be prepared to practice. Right now the players are learning and the coaches are teaching. I feel that after this first week we will be more in tune with what the coaching staff expects from us and we will be able to have even more productive practices than we are having now.”

What Do You Feel Is The Best Aspect Of Practice?
“The best aspect of practice right now is learning how to play defense. Defense wins games and the coaching staff is drilling that into our heads during the early part of practice. I feel that if we all give 110 percent on the defensive end of the court we can improve as a team quickly.”

What Do You Feel Is The Toughest Aspect Of Practice?
“The toughest aspect of practice is learning how to play defense. We have to learn how to defend and help each other on defense. We have to learn how to talk on defense all of the time, not just some of the time.”

What Do You Like About Florida State’s new Basketball Training Facility?
“I think the new Basketball Training Center is a great facility. This building is so much more than I am used to as a player. We had nothing like the luxury of this building when I was in junior college. It’s a great place and it allows us to feel comfortable as a team. Everybody in the building cares about us as people and will do anything to help us be successful as students and as players.”

How Has The Strength And Conditioning Program Prepared You For Practice?
“The strength and conditioning program helped prepare me well for the start of practice. I can tell that I am much stronger as I begin practice and it seems to me that all of my teammates are much stronger and in better-conditioned shape than they have ever been before. I feel that being in better shape helps us mentally because we all feel better prepared to compete on the court. Everybody is in shape and feeling good. Hopefully the fact that we are in better physical shape will cut down on any injuries and allow all of the players on the team to miss as few practices and games as possible throughout the entire season. I really feel the strength and conditioning program has helped us a great deal in helping us to get prepared for practice.”

What Are The Differences Between Practice At This Level And Practices At The Junior College Level?
“The differences between practices at Florida State and practices in junior college is mainly the intensity of each practices. One this level, you have to be intense all of the time. You have to be intense each minute you are on the court because that helps you and your teammates become better competitors. Practices in junior college are similar, but the intensity is nowhere near the same level. At this level, we are all going hard on each play. Players tend to lag a little bit more in junior college. The practices at Florida State are challenging and I feel I am ready to accept that challenge and grow as a player and help my teammates get better at the same time.”

What Do You Like Most About Being At Florida State As A Student And As An Athlete?
“The one thing I really like about Florida State is the fans that cheer for the Seminoles. Our fans really push for the athletes here at Florida State because they want to help us win games. The people who support us are people who really want to see us accomplish great things as athletes and students. I first noticed the support when I attended my first football game earlier this year. It seemed like the whole town was in the stadium to support the players. As teammates, we are trying to get ourselves to a point where the fans and students support us like they support the football team each time we play our games.

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