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Shooting Jumpers With Sophomore Guard Ralph Mims

Oct. 22, 2005

Sophomore guard Ralph Mims is a rising young star who is destined to be one of the Seminoles’ top backcourt players during his career. He displayed his ability as he appeared in 29 of Florida State’s 31 games and scored in double figures twice during his first season as a collegiate player. Mims led the Seminoles from the free throw line with a team-high .853 mark as he missed only five shots from the free throw during the entire 2004-05 season. He sat down with seminoles.com to discuss his game and the upcoming season for the Seminoles.

What are your personal goals this year?

My personal goals are to establish myself as a leader, to direct my teammates as well as myself in the right direction, and become more of an assist man. I want to do all of the little things to help my teammates and help the team win.

What do you anticipate your role on the team this year?

I anticipate being a more important player this year, after learning a lot as a role player last year.

What are the team goals this year?

The team goal this year is to have a better understanding of our system and understanding of our strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to play for one another so we can develop team chemistry and be successful on the court.

What areas can the team improve in the most?

I think team communication and learning how to play with one another. We have to know each others strengths and weaknesses and do the little thing to help each other out. We have to help each other become better players and a better team as a collective group of players.

How important was it for the players returning this year to have valuable playing time last year?

The playing time we earned last year prepared us for this year. Our biggest adjustment was learning Coach Hamilton’s system. Because we know the system we are further along because we know what’s going on this year and we can help out the young guys to have a better understanding than what we had last year. For example, the returning players have an understanding of how to prepare for a game, how things changes during a game and what coach expects out of you. We need to all step up as leaders and teach each other throughout the season. We have to trust in one another.

What is the toughest part about playing in the ACC?

For me personally, the toughest adjustments were moving from high school to college and preparing for a game in the ACC. The competition level and the players you play against every night is top notch and it can’t get any better than what you play against each night in this conference.

What is key to shooting a high percentage from the free throw line last year?

My father always told me that it is a `free shot’. It is nothing but hand-eye coordination and you need to focus on getting the ball to the rim. I really didn’t have any special technique; I just focus, take my time, and do my regular routine whenever I get to the line. Fortunately, I shot well from the line last season.

What areas of your game can you improve in the most this year?

I want to improve in seeing the floor better, communicating and getting my teammates involved in every situation, increase my shooting percentage and value the ball on ever play.

What is your strongest part of your game?

I think the strongest parts of my game are my abilities on dribble-drive penetration, my success rate on free throws, and my pull up jumper.

By Derick Thornton
FSU Sports Information
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