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Signee Breakdown: Ira Denson

Feb. 21, 2013

The word “nasty” isn’t typically reserved for compliments but offensive linemen aren’t your typical guys. And 2013 Florida State signee Ira Denson certainly fits that description.

Brandon Mellor
Brandon Mellor
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A player that is sure to be a Rick Trickett favorite, Denson — a powerful, mauling guard from nearby Madison County High School — was not only one of the highest ranked players the ‘Noles added on signing day but also one of the most important because of what he adds to the roster.

[Video: Denson’s official highlight reel]

FSU has some future depth concerns on the offensive line and the addition of Denson helps alleviate some of those issues because of the type of player he is and can still become.

“[He’s] very physical inside and demanding,” FSU coach Jimbo Fisher said. “He’s a 6’4” guy, between 315 and 325, very athletic, powerful lower body – very similar to a lot of the guards we have now, except I think he can be more athletic at times. I think he has a great future. I think he can displace people inside, he plays with an attitude, has a really great demeanor in my opinion, is tough and intelligent. 

“Man, he can set the tone and be a very nasty guy.”

With Josue Matias and Tre’ Jackson both coming off strong sophomore seasons that pushed them into the upper echelon of guards in the Atlantic Coast Conference, Denson’s addition is all the more important because there is no guarantee that Matias and Jackson will be around for two more seasons.

Ira Denson is considered one of the nation’s best guards and will add terrific size and strength to FSU’s offensive line.

As Menelik Watson showed this year as a junior, one good season as a draft-eligible player can result in an early exit — and likely early selection — in the NFL.

A May, 31, 2012 verbal commitment to Florida State, Denson stayed true to his word and became the next player in the FSU-Madison County pipeline and joins former Cowboy Jacobbi McDaniel on the roster — although they never played together in high school.

Denson, who is known for his road-grading ability up front and strength — wore No. 74 in high school and could potentially suit up jun the same digits at FSU where it isn’t currently worn by a scholarship player.

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