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Singleton’s Summer Vacation

Sept. 2, 2010

When you ask All-American candidate Chris Singleton what he did during his summer vacation he will speak volumes about his time as a member of the US Select Team. As a member of the Select Team he helped prepare the US National team to play in the 2010 World Championships. Singleton sat down with and discussed his thoughts on his amazing summer vacation and the Seminoles’ preparations for the upcoming season.

What advice did the coaching staff of the US National and US Select teams have for you during the month playing with and against the best players in the world and the top players in college basketball?
“They told us to keep it tight, be aggressive; because like a wounded animal if they found weakness they are going to attack you.”

Were the NBA players helpful to you and did any of them become mentors or really good teachers during the time you spent with them?
“Yes, after a couple drills I liked to work out with Lamar Odom and he showed me some moves I can do when I’m in a low post situation, which I would consider because I had never tried them.”

Does the USA National Team have the pieces to make a strong run at the World Championships in Turkey?
“Yes we always have a chance to win, but it’s up to the players if they want to win the World Championships because we have all the talent, we just have to play.”

Were there any workouts or drills that you are going to incorporate into your daily workout routine?
“There were a couple of shooting drills that we learned and the overall concept of the camp, but I think we already have much of it in our system at Florida State.”

How as the sportsmanship between you and the other college players? How about between the college players and the professional players?
“It was really cool, but they knew as soon as you step on the court we’re not friends anymore. They were going at our heads and we were going at them, because we want to get to where they are now and they just want to put us in our place, so we kept going at each other. It was a good experience.”

What was your daily routine during the time you were with the US Select Team? Were there any differences in the routines during the time you spent in Las Vegas and New York City?
“In Vegas we had 20 guys and in New York we had 10 so you got more playing time and you were able to get a rhythm on the court and go from there.”

Were there any players you developed a bond with – college or professional – during your time with the US Select Team?
“I became friends with everybody. I already knew a couple people: Nolan Smith, Kyle Singler, Kemba Walker, Mack from Butler, Chris Wright from Dayton, and I was kickin’ it with everybody.”

Have you kept in touch with any of the players you met during your time with the US Select Team?
“Yes, via text message and twitter.”
“Yea that’s always fun.”

Did the camp energize you to continue building on your game and your basketball future?
“It showed me what I had and sky’s the limit for me and for things this team holds and what we’re preparing. This team, Florida State, holds its own against players from across the country and we’re one of the most talented teams in the nation.”

Which players did you enjoy going against the most and why?
“Being a defensive player I got to go up against Derrick Rose, Rudy Gay, Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, and just being me and being versatile I went against everybody. It’s something I like to do every time.”

Did you participation as a member of the US Select Team excite you about the upcoming season with your Seminole teammates?
“I feel like I have a lot to come back and tell them. I want to be a leader about the things I learned and because of that every time I step onto the court it’s a job opportunity. Everybody’s trying to get better and the way we approach things it means a lot.”

What was the best part of your month long participation with the US Select Team?
“It was probably going to New York because I have family there, so seeing them was great.”

Are you are better leader and how will you display that leadership with your Seminole teammates?
“Just by being myself, being more vocal, and giving my insight on things and leading by example to help this team play better and advance further into the postseason.”

What is the one thing you will remember the most about your summer experiences with the US Select Team?
“The summer of greatness.”

Questions by Erica Lohlein
Sports Information Student Assistant
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