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Sitting In The Hot Seat With Seminole Golfer Jacob Davis

March 21, 2005

As a newcomer to Division I golf, one might always feel like he is in the hot seat. actually put Florida State junior golfer Jacob Davis in the hot seat and asked him to answer questions ranging from the lowest score he has carded for a single round to his preference of McDonald’s or Burger King. Read along with Jacob and he will even tell you which type of golf ball he uses when he is out on the course.

Q: What part of your golf game do you most work on?

A: I work mostly on my short game.

Q: What is the best shot you’ve ever made?

A: I made a 60ft birdie put on the 17th hole in a tournament to force a playoff and won the event.

Q: Did you know that golf spelled backwards is flog?

A: never thought about it.

Q: What is your lowest round of 18 holes?

A: My lowest round ever is a 61.

Q: What’s your favorite golf ball to use?

A: I usually use the Titliest Prov X.

Q: If you didn’t play golf, what other sport would you be playing?

A: If I weren’t a golfer I’d be playing hockey.

Q: How old were you when you played your first round of golf?

A: I played my first round of golf at the ripe old age of 12.

Q: McDonalds or Burger King?

A: Burger King Whopper with just cheese

Q: Where did Tiger Woods play golf in college?

A: Stanford for a year

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