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Social Story: FSU Defense Meets Title-Game Media

Jan. 2, 2014

Social story: FSU defense BCS media day

Social story: FSU defense BCS media day

  1. #Noles underway at defensive press conference today. Senior safety Terrence Brooks talks to the media. pic.twitter.com/YBuMvTHubp
  2. .@FSU_Football DC Jeremy Pruitt: It’s a team game, were excited for Jameis Winston winning the Heisman. Defense hasn’t been overshadowed.
  3. .@FSU_Football Telvin Smith: Coach Pruitt has come in and put his own stamp on things. We let him coach us.
  4. .@FSU_Football Lamarcus Joyner: Coach Pruitt told me “you don’t get what you want, you get what you earn.”
  5. .@FSU_Football DL Timmy Jernigan expects to be tested by Auburn’s offensive deception and speed #BCS
  6. Timmy Jernigan at defense presser: We’ve really made strides in paying attention to detail this year. pic.twitter.com/lOLVuwpxOK
  7. .@FSU_Football LB Christian Jones said when he was being recruited, the coaching staff told him he would be at a #BCS National Championship
  8. Brooks: We love having Coach Pruitt here. We love playing for him. He fits well. pic.twitter.com/9Z96sf3VmK
  9. C. Jones: We don’t look at the scoreboard. We just try to play good football. We are excited for Monday. pic.twitter.com/C5HrcCEqIV
  10. Pruitt: We have really goo speed on defense and our kids really love the game. They practice the right way.
  11. Pruitt: Coach Fisher laid out what he wanted the defense to be when I interviewed…he wanted an aggressive defense.
  12. .@FSU_Football NG Timmy Jernigan: I just try to take it game by game. I worry about who’s in front of us. #BCS
  13. Pruitt: Knowing the Alabama personnel helps in evaluating where Auburn had success #Noles  http://ow.ly/i/4bmyv 
  14. Pruitt: I talk to Krby a lot. We are friends but their is still SEC pride there when it comes to this game.
  15. Pruitt: The best teachers of the game are high school coaches.
  16. .@FSU_Football S Terrence Brooks: We all just really bought into Coach Pruitt’s vision. We play for each other. #BCS
  17. Pruitt:Auburn has been throwing when they want to throw it. They’ve been dictating to defenses. We want to get them behind the sticks
  18. .@FSU_Football Timmy Jernigan: Every year I’ve been at FSU we’ve gradually gotten better. I knew that something special was going to happen.
  19. .@FSU_Football Christian Jones: Since I’ve been at FSU they’ve told us not to worry about the score, just play football.
  20. Pruitt: BC out coached us (their offense vs our defense). After that game we had to make some changes. We didn’t really know who we were
  21. Joyner: We know Auburn can throw the ball. Their QB is talented. We need to stay disciplined on all 3 levels. pic.twitter.com/3XDqqpK5y3
  22. Pruitt: Auburn’s OL is probably the best we’ve played.
  23. Pruitt: Kirby hasn’t given away any secrets and don’t think I didn’t try.
  24. Pruitt: I think we can get a little bigger on defense but we like the speed.
  25. Pruitt: the most important defensive stat is how many points you give up.

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