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1. Take PET 3102 Fall or Spring of your Freshman year.

2. Must maintain a minimum 2.5 overall GPA.

3. Must do 60 hours of observation both Fall and Spring Semesters of your Freshman year (30 hours in Tully Athletic Training Room and 30 hours in Moore Training Room).

a. Hours will begin on January 13, 2003 for the Spring Semester. Sign up sheet will go up at 4:00 PM every other Friday each semester you are allowed to begin your observation. You may sign up for a two hour time slot each day.

b. These 60 hours are to be completed by March 7, 2003 for the Spring Semester by 12 PM. NO EXCUSES!

c. You may not work more than two hours per day. There will be some opportunities to work events/games as specified by the staff that you may be able to acquire extra hours. These will be made available to you at the appropriate time. You must plan ahead and manage your time wisely.

d. After each two hour session, you will be required to have a staff or graduate assistant athletic sign off on your hours.

e. This sign-off sheet must be turned in with your completed application as proof of your completed 60 hours.

4. The completed application, due March 7, 2003 for the Spring Semester by 12:00 PM should include:

a. Essay
b. Two letters of recommendation
c. Completed competency sheet
d. Log hours
e. Official transcripts addressed to:

Angela Sehgal, MS, ATC
Curriculum Director
422 Sandels Bld.
Tallahassee, FL 32306

5. Interview with Athletic Training Practicum Committee consisting of:
Faculty Director/Advisor- Dr. Doris Abood
Director of Sports Medicine- Randy Oravetz, ATC
Associate Director of Sports Medicine- Robin Gibson, ATC
Curriculum Director- Angela Sehgal, ATC

6. Upon completion of this process, the committee will meet to review all materials. Applicants will then be ranked 50% on grades, 25% on their observation performance, and 25% on their interview with the committee.

7. Once you are admitted to the program, you will have ONE calendar week to come by the athletic training room and sign a statement declaring your agreement to proceed in the practicum. After that week expires, you automatically forfeit your spot in the program to the next person in line.

8. You will receive a letter over the summer that will give you information regarding sport assignment and your expected date of arrival.

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